[Om-announce] CiE 2010 - Call for Participation and Informal Presentations

S B Cooper pmt6sbc at maths.leeds.ac.uk
Fri Mar 19 13:16:13 CET 2010

         COMPUTABILITY IN EUROPE 2010: Programs, Proofs, Processes
            Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal
                June 30 to July 4, 2010

        Call for Participation and Informal Presentations

There is a remarkable difference in conference style between computer
science and mathematics conferences. Mathematics conferences allow for
informal presentations that are prepared very shortly before the
conference and inform the participants about current research and work
in progress. The format of computer science conferences with
pre-conference proceedings is not able to accommodate this form of
scientific communication.

Again continuing the tradition of past CiE conferences, this year's
CiE conference endeavours to get the best of both worlds. In addition
to the formal presentations based on our LNCS proceedings volume, we
invite researchers to present informal presentations. For this, please
send us a brief description of your talk (between one paragraph and
half a page) by the DEADLINE:

MAY 15, 2010.
Please submit your abstract electronically, via EasyChair, selecting the
category "Informal Presentation".

You will be notified whether your talk has been accepted for informal
presentation usually within a week after your submission, so if you
intend to apply for ASL ASL Student Travel Awards you should submit
your abstract before March 23rd.

Let us remind you that we are planning several post-conference
publications, which will contain full articles of selected CiE 2010
presentations, including informal presentations.

You can find these instructions at


Submission of applications for ASL Student Grants: MARCH 30
Early registration deadline: MAY 28
Submission of informal presentations: MAY 15
Late registration deadline: JUNE 20

TUTORIALS: Jeffrey Bub (Information, Computation and Physics),
Bruno Codenotti (Computational Game Theory).

INVITED SPEAKERS: Eric Allender, Jose L. Balcazar, Shafi Goldwasser,
Denis Hirschfeldt, Seth Lloyd, Sara Negri, Toniann Pitassi, and Ronald
de Wolf.


Biological Computing, organizers: Paola Bonizzoni, Krishna Narayanan
Invited speakers: Natasha Jonoska, Giancarlo Mauri, Yasubumi
Sakakibara, Stephane Vialette

Computational Complexity, organizers: Luis Antunes, Alan Selman
Invited speakers: Eric Allender, Christian Glasser, John Hitchcock,
Rahul Santhanam

Computability of the Physical, organizers: Cris Calude, Barry Cooper
Invited speakers: Giuseppe Longo, Yuri Manin, Cris Moore, David Wolpert

Proof Theory and Computation, organizers: Fernando Ferreira, Martin Hyland
Invited speakers: Thorsten Altenkirch, Samuel Mimram, Paulo Oliva,
Lutz Strassburger

Reasoning and Computation from Leibniz to Boole, organizers: Benedikt
Loewe, Guglielmo Tamburrini
Invited speakers: Nimrod Bar-Am, Michele Friend, Olga Pombo, Sara Uckelman

Web Algorithms and Computation, organizers: Thomas Erlebach, Martin Olsen
Invited speakers: Hannah Bast, Debora Donato, Alex Hall, Jeannette Janssen



Klaus Ambos-Spies (Heidelberg), Luis Antunes (Porto), Arnold Beckmann
(Swansea), Paola Bonizzoni (Milano), Alessandra Carbone (Paris), Steve
Cook (Toronto ON), Barry Cooper (Leeds), Erzsebet Csuhaj-Varju
(Budapest), Fernando Ferreira (Lisbon, co-chair), Nicola Galesi
(Rome), Luis Mendes Gomes (Ponta Delgada), Rosalie Iemhoff (Utrecht),
Achim Jung (Birmingham), Michael Kaminski (Haifa), Jarkko Kari
(Turku), Viv Kendon (Leeds), James Ladyman (Bristol), Kamal Lodaya
(Chennai), Giuseppe Longo (Paris), Benedikt Loewe (Amsterdam), Elvira
Mayordomo (Zaragoza, co-chair), Wolfgang Merkle (Heidelberg), Russell
Miller (New York NY), Dag Normann (Oslo), Isabel Oitavem (Lisbon),
Joao Rasga (Lisbon), Nicole Schweikardt (Frankfurt), Alan Selman
(Buffalo NY), Peter van Emde Boas (Amsterdam), Albert Visser (Utrecht)


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