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               Parallel Symbolic Computation 2010 (PASCO 2010)

                   July 21-23, 2010 -- Grenoble, France


                          Third Announcement and 

                      C A L L   f o r   P A P E R S

               *** Submission date extended to April 18 ***


   The International Workshop on Parallel and Symbolic Computation (PASCO) 
   is a series of workshops dedicated to the promotion and advancement of
   parallel algorithms and software in all areas of symbolic mathematical 
   computation. The pervasive ubiquity of parallel architectures and 
   memory hierarchy has led to  the emergence of a new quest for parallel 
   mathematical algorithms and software capable of exploiting the various 
   levels of parallelism: from hardware acceleration technologies (multi-
   core and multi-processor system on chip, GPGPU, FPGA) to cluster and
   global computing platforms. To  push up the limits of symbolic and
   algebraic computations, beyond the optimization of the application
   itself, the effective use of a large number of  resources  --memory
   and general or specialized computing units-- is expected to enhance
   the performance multi-criteria objectives: time, energy consumption,
   resource usage, reliability. In this context, the design and the 
   implementation of mathematical algorithms with  provable and adaptive 
   performances is a major challenge.

   Earlier meetings in the PASCO series include PASCO'94 (Linz, Austria),
   PASCO'97 (Maui, U.S.A.), PASCO'07 (London, Canada).
   PASCO 2010 is affiliated with the  2010 International Symposium on 
   Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC) in Munich, Germany.  
   Immediately prior to the ISSAC 2010 meeting, PASCO will be held in 
   Grenoble, France.

   The  workshop  PASCO 2010 will be a three-day event  including  invited
   presentations and tutorials, contributed research papers and posters,
   and a programming contest.
   Specific topics include, but are not limited to:
   * Design and analysis of parallel algorithms for computer algebra
   * Practical parallel implementation of symbolic or symbolic-numeric 
   * High-performance software tools and libraries for computer algebra
   * Applications of high-performance computer algebra
   * Distributed data-structures for computer algebra
   * Hardware acceleration technologies (multi-cores, GPUs, FPGAs) applied
     to computer algebra
   * Cache complexity and cache-oblivious algorithms for computer algebra
   * Compile-time and run-time techniques for automating optimization and
     platform adaptation of computer algebra algorithms

Call for Papers:

   The  conference  invites submission of papers presenting original 
   research, either in the form of extended abstracts (2 pages) or 
   full papers (up to 10 pages) in ACM format. As in previous years, 
   PASCO 2010 will publish formal proceedings of the accepted papers.
   The PASCO 2010 Conference proceedings will be published by the 
   Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) http://www.acm.org/ and
   will be made available in the ACM Digital Library.  The proceedings
   will also be distributed on CDs to the participants of the workshop.

Programming Contest:

   A programming contest will be organized during the PASCO 2010 meeting.
   Each participating team will be competing on one or more programming
   challenges proposed by the organizing committee and by the participants.
   Details can be found at the PASCO 2010 web site.

Important Dates: (extended w.r.t. previous calls for papers)

   Paper submission deadline:               April 18 (Sun), 2010
   Programming Challenge proposal           April 18 (Sun), 2010
   Notification of acceptance:              May 31 (Mon), 2010
   (for papers and challenge proposals)
   Camera-ready version of paper due:       June 13 (Sun), 2010
   Intent of participation to the contest:  June 13 (Sun), 2010
   Tutorials and Workshop in Grenoble:      July 21-23 (Wed-Fri), 2010

Conference Chairs:

      Marc Moreno Maza (University of Western Ontario, Canada)
                        <moreno at csd.uwo.ca>
      Jean-Louis Roch (Grenoble University, France)
                       <jlroch at imag.fr> 

Local Arrangements Chairs:

      Jean-Guillaume Dumas (Grenoble University, France)
                       <jean-guillaume.dumas at imag.fr>  
      Thierry Gautier (INRIA Grenoble, France)
                       <thierry.gautier at imag.fr>
      Clement Pernet   (Grenoble University, France)
                      <clement.pernet at imag.fr>

Publicity Chair:

       Daniel Cordeiro  (Grenoble University, France)
                        <daniel.cordeiro at imag.fr>


       Daniele Herzog (INRIA Grenoble, France) 
                 <daniele.herzog at inrialpes.fr>
       Christian Seguy (CNRS, France)
                 <christian.seguy at imag.fr>
       Ahlem Zammit-Boubaker (INRIA Grenoble, France) 
                 <ahlem.zammit-boubaker at inrialpes.fr>

Program Committee:

      Daniel Augot (INRIA Saclay, France)
      Jean-Claude Bajard (Montpellier II University, France)
      Olivier Beaumont (INRIA Bordeaux, France)
      Bruce Char (Drexel University, USA)
      Gene Cooperman (Northeastern University, USA)
      Gabriel Dos-Reis (Texas A&M University, USA)
      Jean-Christophe Dubacq (LIPN, University Paris 13, France)
      Jean-Guillaume Dumas (Grenoble University, France)
      Jean-Charles Faugere (INRIA - UPMC, France)
      Matteo Frigo (Axis Semiconductor, USA)
      Thierry Gautier (INRIA Grenoble, France)
      Pascal Giorgi (LIRMM, France)
      Stef Graillat (University Paris 6, France)
      Jeremy Johnson (Drexel University, USA)
      Erich Kaltofen (NCSU, USA)
      Herbert Kuchen (University of Muenster, Germany)
      Philippe Langlois  (University of Perpignan, France)
      Anton Leykin (Georgia Tech, USA)
      Gennadi Malaschonok (Tambov State University, Russia)
      Michael Monagan (Simon Fraiser University, Canada)
      Winfried Neun (Zuse Institute Berlin, Germany)
      Clement Pernet (Grenoble University, France)
      Nicolas Pinto (MIT, USA)
      Manuel Prieto-Matias (Complutense university of Madrid, Spain)
      Markus Pueschel (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
      Nathalie Revol (INRIA - LIP, France)
      David Saunders (University of Delaware, USA)
      Eric Schost (University of Western Ontario, Canada)
      Wolfgang Schreiner (RISC, Austria)
      Arne Storjohann (University of Waterloo, Canada)
      Sivan Toledo (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)
      Gilles Villard (CNRS, France)
      Yuzhen Xie (University of Western Ontario, Canada)
      Kazuhiro Yokoyama (Rikkyo University, Japan)


   PASCO 2010  http://pasco2010.imag.fr/
   ISSAC 2010  http://www.issac-conference.org/2010/

   Submission  http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=pasco2010

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