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New book on Modeling and Simulation

Discrete Event Modeling and Simulation
Gabriel A. Wainer, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

(Series Editor, Pieter J. Mosterman, The MathWorks, Inc. Natick,
Massachusetts, USA)

Click here to look inside the book:

Nowadays, complex artificial and natural dynamic systems require
advanced modeling techniques that can accommodate their asynchronous,
concurrent, and highly non-linear nature. Discrete Event Modeling and
Simulation presents a practical approach focused on the creation of
discrete-event applications.
The book gives a practical view about the Discrete Event systems
Specification (DEVS), a formal framework for hierarchical construction
of discrete-event models. To do so, the author employs numerous examples
of DEVS simulation based on the CD++ tool, an open-source framework that
enables the simulation of discrete-event models. 

After setting up the basic theory of DEVS and Cell-DEVS, the author
focuses on how to use the CD++ tool to define a variety of models in
biology, physics, chemistry, and artificial systems. The book also
demonstrates how to map different modeling techniques, such as Finite
State Machines and VHDL, to DEVS. The in-depth coverage elaborates on
the creation of simulation software for DEVS models and the 3D
visualization environments associated with these tools.

The manuscript:
. Demonstrates how to build simulation software 
. Provides open source software for practice with hundreds of examples
available online 
. Discusses the visualization of simulation models 
. Details the design and implementation of discrete-event simulators

Table of Contents

Modeling and Simulation Concepts
Introduction to the DEVS Modeling and Simulation formalism 
The Cell-DEVS formalism

Modeling simple DEVS and Cell-DEVS models in CD++ 
Discrete-Event Applications with DEVS 
Defining Varied Modeling techniques Using DEVS 

Models in Defense and Emergency planning 
Models in Architecture and Construction
Models in Environmental Sciences 
Models in Physics and Chemistry 
Models of Artificial Systems, Networking and Communications 
Models of Urban Traffic 
Building DEVS Simulators 
Mechanisms for 3D Visualization

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