[Om-announce] Open position: Assistant Professor in Cloud Computing, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

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Assistant Professor in Cloud Computing

The School of Electrical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, seeks
an Assistant Professor in Cloud Computing
KTH is the largest technical university in Sweden. Education and research cover a broad
spectrum within natural sciences and engineering, as well as architecture, industrial
economics, urban planning, and environmental technology. There are some 13,000
undergraduate students, 1,300 postgraduate students and 3,900 employees at KTH.

Subject area Cloud Computing

Subject description
The field comprises theory and principles for analysis, design and evaluation of computing
and communication systems in the area of cloud computing. The field requires a combination
of disciplinary research and systems research.
Job duties
The position involves teaching and research, through own individual efforts, in collaboration
with others and via supervision of doctoral students and postdocs. The position also involves
administration and coordination of activities.

Eligibility requirements
Eligible for the post is a scholar with a doctoral degree, or an international degree that is
judged to equal a doctoral degree. Primarily those candidates having obtained a PhD degree
not more than five years before the application deadline will be considered. Applicants who
have obtained degrees earlier may be considered,, if there are special reasons, e.g. parental

Assessment criteria
The Applicant must have documented scientific, engineering and pedagogical skills in the
field. The scientific skills are demonstrated through publications in internationally recognized
conferences and journals.
Relevant background for a candidate includes one or more (a) foundational disciplines, such
as algorithms, formal analysis and design, and machine learning, and (b) applied disciplines,
such as distributed systems, service engineering, and systems management.
Particular attention is given on candidates' ability to independently initiate and conduct
research of high scientific quality, the ability to develop collaborations in research and
education and the ability to teach the subject at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Form of employment: Time limited
Start time: According to agreement
The successful candidate will join the KTH Tenure-Track System and will be provided with
dedicated career support.
Assessment criteria for promotion to associate professor
For the promotion from assistant to associate professor important criteria include the
applicant's ability to independently initiate and pursue research of high scientific quality,
published in international publications, and the applicant's ability to obtain external funding.
The applicant's ability to independently establish new collaborations and research directions,
as well develop new educational initiatives are also considered.

Application procedure
Latest day of application: Monday 19 December 2011

Number of reference: E-2011-0491
The application should be sent in hard copy to:
KTH School of Electrical Engineering
Osquldas vag 10

Applications must be received by the last day of application, 19 December 2011.
The application must include:
1. Full CV with list of publications. The publication list should be marked with the
publications that the applicant wishes to submit.
2. Brief summary of scientific, educational and administrative activities.
3. The publications submitted by the applicant (maximum 10).
4. Applications should be written in English.

For more information about the application procedure, please see the instructions which
should be followed as closely as possible, CV template concerning the application for
employment as and promotion to professor/associate professor:

  All documents, including referred publications, should be filed in 3 copies each. These are to
be packed in 3 identical parcels. All 3 copies must be marked with the reference number of
the position: E-2011-0491

General information about KTH can be found atwww.kth.se  .
Enquires about the position should be directed to:
Rolf Stadler, professor
Tfn: +46 8 790 4250
E-mail:stadler at ee.kth.se
Trade union representatives:
Ann Fylkner, chairman SACO
Tfn: +46 8 790 7386
E-mail:fylkner at kth.se
Inger Bergman, chairman ST
Tfn: +46 8 790 9213
E-mail:ingerb at admin.kth.se

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