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Mon Sep 26 19:34:39 CEST 2011

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***Deadline approaching - October 1, 2011***


Special Issue on Security and Privacy in Complex Systems

Today's information society relies on a globally interconnected
infrastructure composed of diverse and widely distributed systems. It
is of utmost importance to ensure proper protection to such complex
systems, or systems-of-systems, to ensure security, privacy, and
availability of the infrastructure as well as of resources and
information it provides and manages. The problem is far from trivial,
due to the criticality and the social impact of the applications and
services relying on this global infrastructure, as well as the
complexity given by the co-existence and co-operation of, possibly
heterogeneous, component systems.
The goal of this special issue is to collect high-quality
contributions on security and privacy in complex systems and
systems-of-systems. We solicit submissions from academia, industry,
and government presenting novel and original research on all
theoretical and practical aspects of security and privacy in complex
systems. The focus of the special issue spans security and privacy
theory, technology, methodology, and applications in complex systems.
Submitted papers should therefore explicitly address issues in the
complex system scenario. Topics of interest include, but are not
limited, to the ones listed below provided that they are treated
with specific focus on the complex system scenario.

- access control
- anonymity
- applied cryptography
- authentication
- biometric security and privacy
- cyber warfare and security
- complex systems security
- computer forensics
- critical infrastructure protection
- data and application security
- data protection
- data/system integrity
- dependability, reliability, and availability
- formal methods for security and privacy
- human factors in security and privacy
- identity management
- insider threats
- intrusion detection and prevention
- knowledge extraction/representation for security
- legal and ethical issues
- middleware security
- network security
- operating systems security and privacy
- protection from cyberhacking
- security engineering
- secure environments and applications
- secure interoperability
- security and privacy metrics
- security and privacy policies
- security and privacy in cloud computing
- security and privacy in ad hoc networks
- security and privacy in e-services
- security and privacy in grid computing
- security and privacy in mobile systems
- security and privacy in monitoring systems
- security and privacy in industrial systems
- security and privacy in pervasive/ubiquitous computing
- security and privacy in sensor networks
- security and privacy in smart grid and distributed generation systems
- security and privacy in social applications and networks
- security and privacy in wireless sensor networks
- security architectures
- security management in complex scenarios
- social implications of security and privacy
- surveillance systems
- threats, vulnerabilities, and risk management
- transportation systems
- trust management
- usable security for complex systems
- verification and validation of complex systems
- web service security

Submitted papers must not be simultaneously submitted to a journal or a
conference with proceedings. Extended versions of prior work should  
sufficient novel and original technical content; prior publications  
be explicitly referenced in the bibliography, and comparison and added
value with respect to prior publications should be discussed in the  
All manuscripts for this special issue should be uploaded via the IEEE
Systems Journal Web site (http://www.systemsjournal.org), in the section
dedicated to the special issue, by the deadline of October 1, 2011, and
should follow formatting and submission instructions available at the
Web site. For any questions on the special issue, send email to
pierangela.samarati at unimi.it.

Sushil Jajodia
George Mason University, USA
jajodia at gmu.edu

Pierangela Samarati
Universita` degli Studi di Milano, Italy
pierangela.samarati at unimi.it

Paper submission due: October 1, 2011
First notification to authors: January 15, 2012
Revised paper submission due: March 15, 2012
Second notification to authors: April 30, 2012
Publication date: 2012

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