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This is a reminder about the upcoming deadline for Wintersim 2012.

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Two Special Sessions have been organized.

- Simulation Process Modeling and Design
- Interoperability in Modeling & Simulation Track

Detailed information below.

Interoperability in Modeling & Simulation Track
Andrea d'Ambrogio, University of Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy
Greg Zacharewicz, University of Bordeaux, France

Modeling and Simulation has provided efficient methodology, languages
tools in many domains for years. Nevertheless Modeling and Simulation
frequently face interoperability barriers when they are called to be
and involved in System of Systems. The purpose of the track is to
the discussion and dissemination of the most recent advancements in the
of modeling and simulation interoperability. The main focus of the track
to overcome M&S interoperability barriers in the form of methods and
standards, as well as on tools to cope with the challenges to bridge the
different viewpoints on M&S; in particular in the context of multiple
partners' projects that can come from academy, industry, military and

Topics included (but not limited to) are:
. Models interoperability
. Simulation tools interoperability
. Methods to overcome modeling and simulation interoperability barriers
. M&S Interoperability Standards recent advances
. Semantic interoperability in M&S
. Transport, GIS Modeling and Simulation
. Distributed simulation

Simulation Process Modeling and Design
Mamadou Kaba Traoré
Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand

Separation of concerns is a key idea that allowed many domains to take a
step over frontiers of complexity. Similar to what has led database
from building monolithic files to designing business processes, M&S can
benefit of advanced concepts, methods and tools for formally specifying,
implementing, analyzing and automating the entire simulation process as
integration of separated concerns. Two major elements of this process
a) the model of the focused system and b) the control flows applied to
model. The latter ones can deal with specific problem-solving schemes
may contain optimization futuresfeatures, artificial intelligence
mechanisms), verification and validation activities, or experimentation
data collection, etc.

The purpose of this special session is to provide a forum to discuss
ideas and advances in this area. This involves Experimental Frames
methodology and specification, V&V methodologies and specification,
simulation-based coupling, model reuse methodologies and specification,
design patterns for M&S processes, acivity-based modeling and
etc. Contributions are expected in theoretical and methodological
but also in (integrated) tools and architectures if any.


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