[Om-announce] Call for Participation CICM 2013 8-12 July 2013, Registration deadline 23rd June 2013

Serge Autexier serge.autexier at dfki.de
Fri Jun 7 08:35:06 CEST 2013

     CICM 2013 - Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics
         July 8-12, 2013 at University of Bath, Bath, UK


                     Call for participation 

                Registration deadline: 23 June 2013
Invited talks will be given by:

- Patrick Ion, Mathematical Reviews, American Mathematical Society, USA
- Assia Mahboubi, École Polytechnique and INRIA/Microsoft Research
  Joint Centre, France
- Ursula Martin, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Co-Located Workshops:
- MathUI'13: Mathematical User Interfaces
- OpenMath Workshop 2013
- PLMMS'13: Programming Languages for Mechanized Mathematics Systems
- THedu'13: TP Components for Educational Software

The  global programme  of the  conference, tracks,  and  workshops are
available via:


Accepted Papers:

- Pedro  Quaresma, Vanda  Santos  and Seifeddine  Bouallegue. The  Web
  Geometry Laboratory Project
- Russell  Bradford, James  H.  Davenport, Matthew  England and  David
  Wilson.  Optimising Problem  Formulation  for Cylindrical  Algebraic
- Matthew  England, Russell  Bradford,  James H.  Davenport and  David
  Wilson. Understanding branch cuts of expressions
- Christoph Lange, Colin Rowat and Manfred Kerber. The ForMaRE Project
  - Formal Mathematical Reasoning in Economics
- Cezary Kaliszyk and Josef Urban. Automated Reasoning Service for HOL
  Light Corpora
- Jónathan Heras and  Ekaterina Komendantskaya. ML4PG: proof-mining in
- Jónathan  Heras,  Gadea Mata,  Ana  Romero,  Julio  Rubio and  Rubén
  Sáenz.  Verifying  a  platform  for digital  imaging:  a  multi-tool
- Dmitry  Chebukov, Alexandr  Izaak, Olga  Misurina, Yury  Pupyrev and
  Alexey Zhizhchenko. Math-Net.Ru as  a Digital Archive of the Russian
  Mathematical Knowledge
- Chau  Do  and Eric  Pauwels.  Using  MathML  to Represent  Units  of
  Measurement for Improved Ontology Alignment
- Miguel A. Abanades and Francisco Botana. A dynamic symbolic geometry
  environment for the computation of geometric loci and envelopes
- Shahab  Kamali and  Frank  Tompa. Structural  Similarity Search  For
  Mathematics Retrieval
- Rui  Hu   and  Stephen  Watt.  Determining   Points  on  Handwritten
  Mathematical Symbols
- Rein Prank. Software for  evaluating relevance of steps in algebraic
- Eno  Tonisson. When  Students  Compare Their  Own  Answers with  the
  Answers of a Computer Algebra System
- Carst   Tankink,   Cezary   Kaliszyk,   Josef   Urban   and   Herman
  Geuvers. Formal Mathematics on Display: A Wiki for Flyspeck
- Michael Kohlhase, Felix Mance  and Florian Rabe. A Universal Machine
  for Biform Theory Graphs
- Florian Rabe. The MMT API: A Generic MKM System
- William  Farmer.  The  Formalization  of  Syntax-Based  Mathematical
  Algorithms Using Quotation and Evaluation
- Paul Libbrecht. Escaping the Trap of too Precise Topic Queries
- Bruno  Barras, Hugo  Herbelin, Lourdes  Del Carmen  González Huesca,
  Yann  Régis-Gianas,  Enrico  Tassi,  Makarius  Wenzel  and  Burkhart
  Wolff. Pervasive Parallelism in Highly-Trustable Interactive Theorem
  Proving Systems
- Christoph Lange,  Marco Caminati, Manfred  Kerber, Till Mossakowski,
  Colin Rowat, Makarius Wenzel and Wolfgang Windsteiger. A Qualitative
  Comparison  of the  Suitability of  Four Theorem  Provers  for Basic
  Auction Theory
- Deyan Ginev and Bruce Miller. LaTeXML 2012 - A Year of LaTeXML
- Xavier  Allamigeon,  Stéphane Gaubert,  Victor  Magron and  Benjamin
  Werner.  Certification  of   Bounds  of  Non-linear  Functions:  the
  Templates Method
- Bruce Miller. 3 Years of DLMF on the Web; Math & Search
- Minh-Quoc Nghiem,  Giovanni Yoko  Kristianto, Goran Topic  and Akiko
  Aizawa.  A  hybrid  approach   for  semantic  enrichment  of  MathML
  mathematical expressions
- Steven Obua,  Mark Adams and  David Aspinall. Capturing  Hiproofs in
  HOL Light
- Ulf Schöneberg  and Wolfram Sperber. Text analysis  in mathematics -
  the DeLiVerMATH project
- Sebastian Bönisch, Michael Brickenstein, Hagen Chrapary, Gert-Martin
  Greuel and Wolfram  Sperber. swMATH - a new  service for mathematics
- Christoph Lüth  and Martin Ring.  A Web Interface for  Isabelle: The
  Next Generation
- Michal   Růžička,  Petr   Sojka  and   Vlastimil   Krejčíř.  Towards
  Machine-Actionable Modules of a Digital Mathematics Library
Registration is online via


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