[Om-announce] PhD positions at ETH Zurich in concurrency & verification (ERC advanced investigator project)

Sebastian Nanz nanz at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Jan 15 11:32:10 CET 2014

As part of our "Concurrency Made Easy" ERC Advanced Investigator Grant 
project (2012-2017), we are offering PhD positions at the Chair of 
Software Engineering of ETH Zurich. The goal of the project is to build 
a sophisticated programming and verification architecture to make 
concurrent and distributed programming simple and reliable, based on the 
ideas of Eiffel and particularly the SCOOP concurrency model. 
Concurrency in its various forms (particularly multithreading) as well 
as distributed computing are required for most of today’s serious 
programs, but programming concurrent applications remains a challenge. 
The CME project is determined to break this complexity barrier. 
Inevitably, achieving simplicity for users (in this case, application 
programmers) requires, under the hood, a sophisticated infrastructure, 
both conceptual (theoretical models) and practical (the implementation). 
We are building that infrastructure.

ETH offers an outstanding research and education environment and 
competitive salaries for "assistants" (PhD students), who are generally 
expected in addition to their research to participate in teaching, in 
particular introductory programming, and other activities of the Chair. 
  The candidates we seek have: a master's degree in computer science or 
related field from a recognized institution (as required by ETH); a 
strong software engineering background, both practical and theoretical, 
and more generally a strong computer science and mathematical culture; a 
good knowledge of verification techniques (e.g. Hoare-style, 
model-checking, abstract interpretation); some background in concurrency 
or distribution; and a passion for high-quality software development. 
Prior publications, and experience with Eiffel, are pluses. In line with 
ETH policy, particular attention will be given to female candidates.

Before applying, you should become familiar with our work; see in 
particular the research pages at http://se.ethz.ch including the full 
description of the CME project at http://cme.ethz.ch.

Candidates should send (in PDF or text) to 
se-open-positions at lists.inf.ethz.ch a CV and a short cover letter 
describing their view of the CME project and ideas about their possible 

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