[Om-announce] TAPAS Call for Participation

Geoff Sutcliffe geoff at cs.miami.edu
Sun Aug 9 17:33:11 CEST 2015

			          Call for Participation
        Sixth Workshop on Tools for Automatic Program Analysis

                              TAPAS 2015

8 September 2015
Saint-Malo, France
Satellite Workshop of SAS 2015



In the last ten years, a wide range of static analysis tools have
emerged, some of which are currently in industrial use or are well
beyond the advanced prototype level. Many impressive practical results
have been obtained, which allow complex properties to be proved or
checked in a fully or semi-automatic way, even in the context of
complex software developments. In parallel, the techniques to design
and implement static analysis tools have improved significantly, and
much effort is being put into engineering the tools. This workshop is
intended to promote discussions and exchange experience between
specialists in all areas of program analysis design and
implementation, and users of static analysis tools.


The technical program of TAPAS 2015 will consist of invited lectures
together with presentations based on submitted abstracts.

We welcome presentations on all aspects of program analysis tools
including, but not limited to the following:

  - design and implementation of static analysis tools to check, prove
    or infer properties (including practical techniques used for
    obtaining precision and performance);

  - components and other reusable infrastructure of static analysis
    tools (front-ends, abstract domains, solvers, analysis algorithms,
    frameworks, etc.);

  - integration of static analyzers (in proof assistants, test
    generation tools, IDEs, etc.);

  - experience reports on the use of static analyzers (both research
    prototypes and industrial tools);

  - challenges for static analysis tools, such as new properties to
    address or bottlenecks to overcome;

  - usability of static analysis tools (including user interfaces and
    other tools helping to exploit static analysis results); and

  - tool demonstrations, and comparisons, by tool authors or
    experienced users.


Patrick Cousot  New York University
Pascal Cuoq	TrustInSoft
Don Sannella	Contemplate & University of Edinburgh
Max Schaefer	Semmle


Wolfgang Ahrendt, Laura Kovacs and Simon Robillard.
  Loop Analysis Using Theorem Proving and Symbol Elimination

Georges Dupéron and Roland Ducournau.
  k-l-CFA: A Practical Implementation

Colin Runciman and Simon Thompson.
  Demur: Checking Functional-program Properties Using Bounded Recursion

Boris Yakobowski.
  Fast Whole-program Verification Using On-the-fly Summarization


Josh Berdine         Microsoft Research (chair)
Arie Gurfinkel       Software Engineering Inst, Carnegie Mellon Univ
Jan Reineke          Saarland University
Manuel Hermenegildo  T.U. Madrid (UPM), IMDEA Software Institute
Ralf Huuck           NICTA, Univ of New South Wales, Red Lizard Software
Mihaela Sighireanu   LIAFA, University of Paris Diderot, CNRS
Laura Kovacs         Chalmers University of Technology
Andreas Podelski     University of Freiburg
Mooly Sagiv          Tel-Aviv University

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