[Om-announce] TABLEAUX/FroCoS 2015 - Call for Participation

Geoff Sutcliffe geoff at cs.miami.edu
Mon Aug 24 16:36:44 CEST 2015

Registration for TABLEAUX/FroCoS 2015 in Wroclaw is Open

   20-24 september 2015.

Invited Speakers:
   Christoph Benzmueller: On a (Quite) Universal Theorem Proving Approach
                          and its Application to Metaphysics
   Roy Dyckhoff:  Coherentisation of First-Order Logic 
   Andreas Herzig: Knowledge and Action: How should we combine their logics?
   Oliver Ray: Symbolic Support for Scientific Discovery in Systems Biology
   Philipp Ruemmer: Free variables and theories: Revisiting Rigid E-Unification
   Thomas Sturm: From Complete Elimination Procedures to Subtropical 
                 Decisions over the Reals

   - The distributed Ontology, Modeling and Specification Language (DOL),
       Till Mossakowski
   - Lean Theorem Proving and Connection Tableaux,
        Jens Otten
   - Formal Representation of Inductive and Coinductive Datatypes with
     Applications to Modelling Tableaux Structures,
       Andrei Popescu
   - Automated Reasoning Building Blocks,
       Christoph Weidenbach
   - A Taste of CVC4,
       Cesare Tinelli, Andrew Reynolds, Clark Barrett

   Wroclaw is a pleasant, moderately sized town in the center
   of Europe, approximately 350 km from Berlin, Prag and
   Warsaw. The old town is nice, and the conference is
   only 20 minutes walking away. 

   Tableaux methods offer a convenient and flexible set of tools for automated 
   reasoning in classical logic, extensions of classical logic, and a large 
   number of non-classical logics. For large groups of logics, tableaux 
   methods can be generated automatically. Areas of application include 
   verification of software and computer systems, deductive databases, 
   knowledge representation and its required inference engines, teaching, 
   and system diagnosis. The conference series aims to bring together 
   researchers interested in all aspects of tableaux - theoretical 
   foundations, applications, and implementation techniques. 

FroCoS 2015:
   In various areas of computer science, such as logic, computation, 
   program development and verification, artificial intelligence, 
   knowledge representation, and automated reasoning, there is an obvious 
   need for using specialized formalisms and inference systems for selected 
   tasks. To be usable in practice, these specialized systems must be 
   combined with each other and integrated into general purpose systems. 
   This has led---in many research areas---to the development of techniques 
   and methods for the combination and integration of dedicated formal 
   systems, as well as for their modularization and analysis.
   The International Symposium on Frontiers of Combining Systems (FroCoS) 
   traditionally focusses on these types of research questions and activities. 
   Like its predecessors, FroCoS 2015 seeks to offer a common forum for 
   research in the general area of combination, modularization, and 
   integration of systems, with emphasis on logic-based ones, and of their 
   practical use. 

Early Registration:
   Early registration costs 1200 PLN (292 euro, 330 US dollar).
   That's a bargain!

Travel Awards:
   There are some travel awards for young researchers
   (students/PhD students/postdocs), sponsored by
   Springer Verlag. application deadline is September 1st. 


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