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Adolf Lindenbaum: Notes on his Life, with Bibliography

Logica Universalis, 8, Dec 2014 (Open Access)
Jan Zygmunt and  Robert Purdy

This paper is dedicated to Adolf Lindenbaum (1904–1941)—Polish Jewish
mathematician and logician; a member of the Warsaw school of mathematics
under Waclaw Sierpinski and Stefan Mazurkiewicz and school of mathematical
logic under Jan Lukasiewicz and Stanislaw Lesniewski; and Alfred
Tarski’s closest collaborator of the inter-war period.

Our paper is divided into three main parts. The first part is biographical
and narrative in character. It gathers together what little is known of
Lindenbaum’s short life. The second part is a bibliography of Lindenbaum’s
published output, including his public lectures. Our aim there is to be
complete and definitive. The third part is a list of selected references
in the literature attesting to his unpublished results and delineating
their extent

Logica Universalis
Volume 8, Issue 3-4, December
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