[Om-announce] PPDP 2015: Call for Participation

Maurizio Proietti maurizio.proietti at IASI.CNR.IT
Sat Jun 13 08:46:29 CEST 2015

=======================CALL FOR PARTICIPATION=======================

   17th International Symposium on
  Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming
      PPDP 2015

    Siena, Italy, July 14-16, 2015
    (co-located with LOPSTR 2015)


Early registration by June 30, 2015

Invited speakers:
  Patrick Cousot, New York University, USA (Jointly with LOPSTR)
    ‘Verification by Abstract Interpretation, Soundness and Abstract

  Martin Hofmann, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany
    ‘Automatic Amortized Analysis’

  Dale Miller, INRIA and LIX/Ecole Polytechnique, France (Jointly with
    ‘Proof checking and logic programming’

  Louis Mandel (College de France, Paris) and Marc Pouzet (ENS, Paris)
    ‘ReactiveML, Ten Years Later’

Full symposium program:

Program Chair

    Elvira Albert
    Complutense University of Madrid
    C/ Profesor Garcia Santesmases
    E-28040 Madrid, Spain
    Email: elvira at sip.ucm.es

Symposium Chair

    Moreno Falaschi
    Department of information engineering and mathematics
    University of Siena, Italy
    Email: moreno.falaschi at unisi.it

Organizing Committee

Monica Bianchini, DIISM, Univ. of Siena, Italy
Sara Brunetti, DIISM, Univ. of Siena, Italy
Guillermo Roman-Diez, Technical Univ. of Madrid, Spain
Andrea Machetti, DIISM, Univ. of Siena, Italy
Simonetta Palmas, DIISM, Univ. of Siena, Italy
Maurizio Proietti,  IASI-CNR, Italy
Simone Rinaldi, DIISM, Univ. of Siena, Italy
Elisa Tiezzi, DIISM, Univ. of Siena, Italy
Sara Ugolini, Dip. Informatica, Univ. of Pisa
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