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Call for Book Chapters for the Springer-Verlag Handbook:***

*“Internet of Things (IoT) in 5G Mobile Technologies”***


*Constandinos X. Mavromoustakis, University of Nicosia, Cyprus*

*George Mastorakis, Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece*

*Jordi Mongay Batalla, National Institute of Telecommunications, Poland*


As an increasing number of people communicate and collaborate over the 
Internet, via different accessing systems and mobile devices, the need 
for new wireless networks infrastructures, facilitating ubiquitous 
availability and efficient access to large quantities of distributed 
resources, has become manifest. The integration of resources 
availability through the 3As (Anywhere, Anything, Anytime) will become a 
reality, through the 5G mobile technologies. Notwithstanding, there are 
a lot of challenges to meet, in order to have the 5G mobile technologies 
applicable in an efficiently utilized manner. The most complicated and 
at the same time challenging paradigm is the Internet of Things (IoT) 
that poses a fertile ground and a hot Research and Development (R&D) 
area for Pervasive and Ubiquitous computing, being projected as a future 
growth area in both academia and industry. In this context, this book 
aims atpresentingthe current state-of-the-art research and future trends 
on various aspects of IoT in 5G mobile technologies. It will combine the 
emerging mobile communications and IoT paradigms, in a common research 
ground, in order to present various research concepts. The major 
subjects of the book will cover methodologies, modeling, analysis and 
newly introduced mobile technologies.

Topics of interest include but are /_not limited_/ to:

•Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Data Processing and Controlling Networking at 
the Edge (Sensing and sensor signal processing, sensor networking 
protocols, energy harvesting and energy management);

•Middleware (System and network architectures, middleware for 
heterogeneous sensors, devices & protocols, QoS provisioning, security 
issues [data confidentiality, integrity, network resilience, etc.]);

•Applications and case studies of M2M communications and IoT ecosystems;

•Analytics and management (Data management and analytics: data-stream, 
sharing, mining etc, business intelligence from sensor data, social 
network analysis in IoT)

•M2M Infrastructure (Big Data Storage and processing, management and 
analysis, back-end (cloud based) infrastructure, distributed processing);

•Related applications (Novel application developments and case studies 
in energy, healthcare, logistics and transportation, manufacturing etc., 
test-beds and field trials etc.);

•IoT/MP2M/M2M/D2D Management (Device management evolutions, 
self-coordinated and autonomous management, service harmonization etc.);

•Security in Smart Grids and Smart Spaces for smooth IoT deployment in 5G

•Advanced indexing, naming, and addressing of the IoT in 5G;

•Network-distributed signal processing for security solutions in 5G 
(joint security and privacy aware protocol design, Test-bed and 
performance metrics of security solutions in IoT, Deployment and 
performance evaluation of secure IoT in 5G, Architectures for secure 
hardware/software IoT systems etc.);

•Network control systems for IoT applications;

•Inter-networking with other technologies and systems (Network Functions 
Virtualization (NFV) and Cloud Computing as well Mobile Cloud Computing 
implementation/wearable devices in IoT using 5G etc.);

•Next generation of open platforms and novel hardware for the IoT in 5G 
access technology, Network middleware and protocols to facilitate Smart 
environments, Innovative sensing devices and innovative uses of existing 
sensors (e.g. RFID), use of mobile, wireless, visual, and multi-modal 
sensor networks in intelligent systems;

•Smart Devices and their inter-communication with other devices/spaces 
(ie. smart glasses’ communication with smart watch and/or smart wearable 
devices, Grid and Cloud-oriented devices etc.) including open interfaces 
and close environments;

•Management of smart services (discovery, publishing) in IoT ecosystems 
(smart shopping, house, factory, etc.);

•Interconnection of IoT with social network environments (Multimedia 
transmission, Big data transfer);

•Performance and scalability issues of IoT ecosystems.

/We strongly welcome _other topic suggestions,_ dealing with//IoT in 
emerging mobile computing environments./

Sections of the above mentioned topics will be hosted under the 
following sections:

*Section I — Introduction and Applications of IoT in 5G access technologies*

*Section II — Architecture of IoT in 5G access technologies *

*Section III— 5G and related technologies *

*Section IV— IoT in Smart Ambient Systems within 5G*


*Section V— IoT-Cloud oriented systems for 5G environments*


*Section VI— IoT smart resource management in 5G*

*Section VII— 5G and cognitive radio in Smart environments*

*Section VIII—Resource and Power management in 5G networks*


*Section IX— Performance Evaluation of IoT-related systems and 
applications using 5G technologies*


    _Schedule & Deadlines_

·*_30th March 2015_**__*
Chapter proposal (max. 2-pages)/Intention to submit a chapter

  * *_20^th June. 2015_**__*
    Full chapter submission via e-mail: cfcbooksp at gmail.com
    <mailto:%20cfcbooksp at gmail.com>and notification of acceptance and
    via Easychair (https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=iot5gmob)

·*_31^st July. 2015_**__*
Review comments

·*_30^th Sept. 2015_**__*
Submission of the revised version

·*_30^th Oct. 2015_**__*
Final acceptance notificationFinal manuscript

·*_15^th Nov. 2015_**__*
Final manuscript

    _Manuscript Preparation_

  * Please follow the manuscript formatting guidelines below and submit
    the original version (in */Microsoft word/*) and or */LaTex/* format
    as per the guidelines (URL:

·Each final manuscript should be 18-25 pages long (formatted). Depending 
on the number of submissions, longer manuscripts will also be accepted.

  * Please prepare your manuscript according to the following

      o Download the Consent-to-Publish (CTP) form and along with your
        chapter sign, scan and submit it simultaneously. The form can be
        found at:
  * Submit the proposal of your chapter(s) via e-mail:
    cfcbooksp at gmail.com <mailto:%20cfcbooksp at gmail.com>and via
    */_Easychair_/* (The submission Web site for IoT5GMob is
      o https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=iot5gmob
  * Note that both (*email and via EasyChair*) submission methods should
    be used for cross confirmation.

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