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             Seventh IFIP International Conference on
              New Technologies, Mobility and Security
                  27-29 July 2015, Paris, France

    Technically supported by IEEE, IEEE COMSOC & IFIP TPC6
     All accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore

submission Deadline: March 1, 2015
Acceptance Notification: May 9, 2015
Camera-Ready: May 25, 2015

NTMS'2015 is the Seventh IFIP International Conference on New
Technologies, Mobility and Security that will be held in Paris,
France from 27 to 29 July 2015. NTMS'2015 conference is technically
co-sponsored by IEEE, IEEE COMSOC & IFIP TC6.5 WG.

NTMS'2015 aims at fostering advances in the areas of New
Technologies, Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing, Ad hoc and
Ambient Networks, QoS, Network Security and E-commerce, to mention a
few, and provides a dynamic forum for researchers, students and
professionals to present their state-of-the-art research and
development in these interesting areas.

The event will be combined with tutorial sessions and workshops.
Tutorials will precede the main program, aiming at the dissemination
of mature knowledge and technology advances in the field. Two or
more Workshops will immediately follow the main conference, offering
the opportunity for a more focused exchange of ideas and
presentation of on going research relevant to following tracks (More
information and the full call-for-papers can be found on the
conference web):

Track 1 : Mobility & Wireless networks
- 4G and 5G networks, LTE and LTE-A
- Device to Device (D2D)
- Cellular Technologies for IoT
- Wireless Local Area Networks
- Wireless Personal Area Networks
- Wireless Ad Hoc and Mesh Networks
- Wireless Vehicular Networks
- Cognitive Radio Networks
- Satellite Networks
- Self-organizing and Re-configurable Wireless Networks
- Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network Solutions
- Wireless MAC Protocols
- Scheduling Techniques for Wireless Networks
- Wireless QoS Routing Algorithms
- Radio Resource Allocation and Management
- Cross-layer Design and Optimization in Wireless Networks
- Clustering, Topology Control, Coverage and Connectivity
- Cooperation and Relaying in Wireless Networks
- Analysis, Simulation and Performance Evaluation
- Integration of Heterogeneous Mobile, Wireless and Wire-line Radio
  Access Networks
- Mobility, Location Management and Handover Techniques for Wireless
  Mobile Networks
- Multimedia over Wireless and Mobile Systems
- Power-aware Architectures, Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless
  and Mobile Networks
- Wireless Services and Middleware Platforms
- Green Radio Communications
- Measurements, Testbeds and Deployment of Wireless Systems

Track 2: Security

Thematic areas:
- Security engineering. Methodologies, formalisms, modeling, tools,
  code instrumentation
- Cryptography. Algorithms, protocols, attacks
- Security in distributed systems.
- Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems.
- Light-weight cryptography.
- Information Hiding.
- Steganography
- Privacy and Anonymity.
- Security assurance. Evaluation, testing, formal proofs,
- Quantum Cryptography and QKD.
- Trusted computing. Analyses and attacks, practical applications...
- Surveillance and monitoring. Intrusion detection, monitoring
  techniques, architectures,...
- Infrastructure. Middleware, proxies, PKIs, AAAs, SSO,
- Social and psychological aspects of security. User-centered
  evaluation, perception of security and threats...
- Security and usability.

Application areas:
- Service Oriented Computing. Platform security, access control,
  Security of the SOC processes (Negotiation, Orchestration),
  Identification of services...
- Cloud computing. Platform security, data protection, software
  protection, surveillance and dynamic reaction.
- Ubiquitous computing, pervasive computing and ambient
- Secure system models, development support, dynamic reaction, self-
- Embedded systems. Dynamic replaceability, system security
  assessment, secure system composition, tampering-resistance...
- Security in system evolution. Design for secure evolution,
  evolution oriented surveillance, security patches...
- Critical infrastructures. Protection architectures, redundancy and
  replication, scalability issues...

Track 3: New Technologies & services
- New generation Internet, Post IP and IPv6
- NGN architectures, protocols and services management and delivery
- Web 2.0 applications and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystems)
- Next generation systems & Service-oriented techniques
- IPTV and content distribution networks
- User-centric networking and services
- multimedia indexing and retrieval
- Personalized access to media systems
- Context/content-aware services
- Smart Cities, Homes and E-Health
- Web Commerce & Services, Data models, Web searching & querying
- Web Mining & Web Semantics
- Web service based Grid computing and P2P computing
- Advanced identification techniques (Biometrics, RFID, etc.)
- Virtualization technologies for grid and parallel computing.
- Interactive media, voice and video, games, immersive applications
- Network virtualization, virtual private networks (VPN), and
- VoIP protocols and services
- Content-based networking: caching, distribution, load balancing,
- Mobile/wireless content distribution

                            * * * * *
Submission Instructions
Papers should be in English, strictly not exceeding 5 double-column
pages (3,000 words), in Adobe PDF format (which is the only accepted
format for NTMS 2015).

To access the full list of topics, submission guidelines, as well as
venue and travel information please visit: www.ntms-conf.org

Papers must be submitted electronically through EDAS at
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