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* NEWS: Best PADL 2016 papers at TPLP rapid publications

Up to two of the best papers accepted for publication at PADL
will be invited to submit an extended version for rapid publication
on the journal Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (see below).

                        Call for Papers

              18th International Symposium on 
    Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL 2016)


             St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
                 Mon 18 - Tue 19 January 2016
                Co-located with ACM POPL 2016

                     Conference Description

Declarative languages build on sound theoretical bases to provide
attractive frameworks for application development. These languages
have been successfully applied to many different real-world
situations, ranging from data base management to active networks to
software engineering to decision support systems.

New developments in theory and implementation have opened up new
application areas. At the same time, applications of declarative
languages to novel problems raise numerous interesting research
issues. Well-known questions include designing for scalability,
language extensions for application deployment, and programming
environments. Thus, applications drive the progress in the theory and
implementation of declarative systems, and benefit from this progress
as well.

   PADL is a forum for researchers and practitioners to present
original work emphasizing novel applications and implementation
techniques for all forms of declarative concepts, including,
functional, logic, constraints, etc. Topics of interest include, but
are not limited to:

   * Innovative applications of declarative languages
   * Declarative domain-specific languages and applications
   * Practical applications of theoretical results
   * New language developments and their impact on applications
   * Declarative languages and software engineering
   * Evaluation of implementation techniques on practical applications
   * Practical experiences and industrial applications
   * Novel uses of declarative languages in the classroom
   * Practical extensions such as constraint-based, probabilistic, and 
     reactive languages.

   PADL 2016 welcomes new ideas and approaches pertaining to
applications and implementation of declarative languages. PADL 2016 will
be co-located with the Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages
(POPL 2016), in St. Petersburg, Florida (USA).

         Important Dates and Submission Guidelines

              Abstract Submission:    September 10, 2015
              Paper Submission:       September 18, 2015
              Notification:             October 21, 2015
              Camera-ready:            November 10, 2015
              Symposium:             January 18-19, 2016

Authors should submit an electronic copy of the full paper in PDF
using the Springer LNCS format. The submission will be done through
EasyChair conference system:


All submissions must be original work written in English. Submissions 
must be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere. Work 
that already appeared in unpublished or informally published workshops 
proceedings may be submitted but the authors should notify the program 
chair about the place on which it has previously appeared.

PADL 2016 will accept both technical and application papers:

   * Technical papers must describe original, previously unpublished
     research results. Technical papers must not exceed 15 pages (plus
     one page of references) in Springer LNCS format.
   * Application papers are a mechanism to present important practical
     applications of declarative languages that occur in industry or
     in areas of research other than Computer Science. 
     Application papers are expected to describe complex and/or
     real-world applications that rely on an innovative use of
     declarative languages. Application descriptions, engineering
     solutions and real-world experiences (both positive and negative)
     are solicited. The limit for application papers is 8 pages in
     Springer LNCS format but such papers can also point to sites with
     supplemental information about the application or the system that
     they describe.

The proceedings of PADL 2016 will appear in the LNCS series of Springer

Up to two best papers accepted for publication at PADL'16 will be 
invited to submit an extended version to the journal 
"Theory and Practice of Logic Programming" for rapid publication.
The extended version should contain at least 30% new content compared
to the published conference paper.
In the case of rapid publications the extra material should consist 
of extensions of the existing material, such as proofs, further 
experimental results, implementation details and such like.
Papers containing substantial revision and new results compared to 
the conference paper should be submitted as regular articles as 
normal. Authors invited to submit a rapid publication should confirm
that such extra material is available.

                        Program Committee

- Mario Alviano, University of Calabria (Italy)
- Lars Bergstrom, Mozilla Research (USA)
- Edwin Brady, University of St Andrews (UK)
- Mats Carlsson, SICS (Sweden)
- Manuel Carro, Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and IMDEA Software
Institute (Spain)
- Thomas Eiter, Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
- Thom Fruehwirth, University of Ulm (Germany)
- Marco Gavanelli, University of Ferrara (Italy)
- Geoffrey Mainland, Drexel University (USA)
- Enrico Pontelli, New Mexico State University (USA)
- John Reppy, University of Chicago (USA)
- Ricardo Rocha, University of Porto (Portugal)
- Torsten Schaub, University of Potsdam (Germany)
- Tom Schrijvers, KU Leuven (Belgium)
- Paul Tarau, University of North Texas (USA)
- Niki Vazou, Univesrity of California, San Diego (USA)
- Dimitrios Vytiniotis, Microsoft Research
- Daniel Winograd-Cort, Yale University (USA)
- Neng-Fa Zhou, CUNY Brooklyn College and Graduate Center (USA)
- Lukasz Ziarek, SUNY Buffalo (USA)


   For additional information about papers and submissions, please
contact the Program Chairs:

         Marco Gavanelli              and          John Reppy
     University of Ferrara                     University of Chicago
             Italy                                     USA

email: padl2016 at easychair.org

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