[Om-announce] CFP:The 12th International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids on Big Data

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The 12th International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids on Big Data

(SKG 2016, August 15-17, 2016, Beijing, China, http://www.knowledgegrid.net/skg2016).

Submission: May 30, 2016
Notification of Acceptance: June 30, 2016
Camera Ready : After conference.

The International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids is a cross-area international forum on semantic computing, knowledge networking, and advanced computing architectures. The mission of SKG is to promote cross-area research and accelerate the development of relevant areas. In addition to traditional topics on semantics and knowledge computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, and Cyber-Physical Society will be important topics of SKG2016.  SKG2016 will publish post-conference proceedings in IEEE. As previous years, SKG2016 features keynotes of well-known scientists and SCI-indexed international journal special issues.

General Co-Chairs
Geoffrey Fox	Indiana University, USA
Domenico Talia	DIMES, Unical, Italy

Program Co-Chairs
Weichang Du	University of New Brunswick, Canada.
Lu Liu	University of Derby, UK.

Workshop Co-Chairs
Hai Wang	Aston University, UK
Zhangbing Zhou	Beijing University of Science and Technology, China

BigData and Semantics:
    Foundations, Analysis, Model, Management, Searching, Mining and Simulation
    Human & Social-level Intelligence
    Social Computing and Social Intelligence
    Cognition and Semantics
    Emotion, Learning and Brain
    Multimodal information fusion
    Interactive Semantics
    Human & Social -level AI systems and methods
    Collaborative innovation
    Web, Web Semantics, Semantic Web, and Services
    Web Semantics
    Semantic Web
    Web Science
    Semantic Search and Query
    Semantic Link Network
    Service Interaction
    Semantic Interoperability
    Semantic Visualization and Modeling
    Semantic Web Mining
Semantic and Knowledge Computing:
    Semantic Brokering
    Semantic-based Interface
    Automatic Semantic Annotation
    Semantic Web Services
    Theory and Model of Semantic Grids
    Ontology and Learning
    Web2.0 and Collaborative Tagging
    Semantic P2P
    Rich Media Semantics
    Internet/Web of Things
    Semantic Data Models
    Knowledge Web, Discovery and Knowledge Grids
    Web knowledge representation and Reasoning
    Semantic Knowledge Portals
    Web Knowledge Discovery
    Knowledge Discovery
    Theory and Model of Knowledge Grids
    Large-Scale Distributed Knowledge Management
    Ontology Information/ Knowledge/Service Integration
    Knowledge Flow Network
Internat of Things:
    Internet-based Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering
    Computing Infrastructure
    Cloud Computing
    Grid Computing
    Cluster Computing
    Distributed Computing
    Cyber-Physical Systems
    Cyber-Physical Society
    Software as a Service
    Grid/Web Ecology
    Smart Grids
    Advanced applications
    Advanced Networking Model
    Resource Management Models
    Internet-based Multi-agent Systems
    Nature-Inspired Computing
    Autonomous Computing
    Internet-based Intelligent Applications
    P2P Computing
    Self-Organized Intelligence
    Service Computing
    Mobile Web and Cloud
    Social Networks
    Systems, Tools and Applications
    Semantics-based Virtual Organization
    e-culture, e-Science, e-Business
    e-Learning, e-Government, e-health
    Mobile Web, Security
    Sensor networks
    Energy-Sensitive Mobile Computing

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