[Om-announce] [RTSI 2016 - Deadline in 3 days: April 18] Technical Session on "Algorithms, techniques, and architectures for Big-Data-Analytics-as-a-Service"

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***Extended deadline: April 18, 2016***

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2nd International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and
Industry (RTSI 2016)
Technical session on Algorithms, techniques, and architectures for
September 7-9, 2016, Bologna, Italy

Research and innovation are the key enablers for structural and
profitable changes towards a more sustainable economy able to create new
job opportunities, as well as to fuel productivity and growth. Countries
investing in research and innovation are more resilient to economic
crisis, can better and more promptly react to the great societal
challenges of our time, and perform better in the strong global
competition that continuously and with unprecedented speed shapes
economies and societies. Grounded on these evidences, the core purpose
of this forum is to foster technological innovation and excellence in
all the fields of primary interest for IEEE, including power systems,
electronics, informatics, automation, and computer engineering, in order
to promote the transition towards a vibrant innovation-based society.
More specifically, the primary purposes of the RTSI series of events are:

- to promote and to strengthen partnerships and cooperation between
academia and industry;
- to increase the public understanding and awareness of how engineering
and technology can positively affect people quality of life;
- to promote discussion between the research community and related
government bodies about effective and successful research policies;
- to disseminate recent advancements, research/technology solutions, and
novel applications;
- to discuss inter-disciplinary ideas and to promote cross-fertilizing
cooperation between researchers working in different research areas.

RTSI 2016 is Organized by the IEEE Italy Section and Università di
Bologna, Italy

In the past few years, many organizations in all domains have discovered
that – to become or remain competitive – they have to deal with business
cases where the volume of data reaches terabytes and even petabytes. As
the volume of data keeps growing, the datatypes to be considered have
also become much richer than before. Many IT companies propose to their
customers to manage Big Data challenges using a mix of technologies
going from NoSQL (“notonlySQL”) databases like Cassandra or HBase, data
preparation utilities like Paxata, and distributed, parallel computing
systems like Hadoop or Stark. However, one of the main obstacles
forbidding the widespread adoption of big data approaches in many
businesses and enterprises is the lack of competences. In particular,
this scenario substantially limits the market for Big Data analytics for
non IT-savvy organizations and SMEs. An increasing request is therefore
posed on solutions for Big Data Analytics as a service, which will
support customers lacking Big Data expertise in configuring and managing
their analytics.
The workshop seeks submissions from both academia and industry
presenting novel research in the context of big data analytics as a
service, presenting theoretical and practical algorithms, techniques,
and architecture for big data analytics management.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Processing
- Big Data Applications
- Big Data Analytics and Metrics
- Big Data Analytics in Critical Domains
- Big Data Analytics in SMEs
- Big Data Architectures
- Big Data Assurance
- Big Data Display and Reporting
- Big Data Models and Algorithms for Big-Data-Analytics-as-a-Service
- Big Data Security and Privacy
- Big Data Storage and Retrieval
- Big-Data-Analytics-as-a-Service Architectures
- Big-Data-Analytics-as-a-Service for SMEs
- Case Studies of Big-Data-Analytics-as-a-Service
- Quality of Big Data Services
- Real-Time Big Data Services

Submission of draft papers: 18 April 2016 (extended)
Notification of acceptance: 16 May 2016
Final submission: 10 June 2016
Early registration: 11 July 2016

Prospective Authors of papers are invited to submit a draft paper
(typically 2-4 pages for the draft version, 4-6 pages for the final
paper, in standard IEEE two-column format) via EDAS by suggesting the
related Technical Session. Papers on research topics in the context of
algorithms, techniques, and architectures for
Big-Data-Analytics-as-a-Service and corresponding application areas are
welcome. The paper should contain a complete description of the proposed
technical contribution along with some results, suitably framed in the
related state of the art. Each paper will be reviewed in terms of
relevance with respect to the scope of the event, originality and
quality of the technical content, overall organization and writing style.

Papers must be prepared according to the Author’s instructions reported
on the RTSI 2016. Submission of papers implies intention to register and
present the related content at the conference. Proceedings papers
presented at the Conference will be submitted for inclusion in the IEEE
Xplore digital library.

- Ermanno Cardelli, IEEE Italy Section Chair
- Paolo Ciancarini, Universita' di Bologna

- Paolo Ciancarini, Research Association GRIN
- Maria Domenica Di Benedetto, Research Association SIDRA
- Andrea Lacaita, Research Association GE
- Stefano Selleri, Research Association SIEM
- Nino Mazzeo, Research Association GII
- Carlo Alberto Nucci, Research Association GUSEE
- Sergio Palazzo, Research Association GTTI
- Dario Petri, IEEE Italy Section Past-Chair and Research Association GMEE
- Riccardo Pietrabissa, Research Association GNB
- Alberto Tenconi, Research Association CMAEL
- Fabio Villone, Research Association ET

- Tiziana Tambosso, IEEE Italy Section Vice-Chair

- Claudio A. Ardagna, Università degli Studi di Milano
- Ernesto Damiani, Università degli Studi di Milano

More information can be found at http://sesar.di.unimi.it/RTSI2016-BDAaaS/

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