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TRUST 2016 Call for papers


Dear colleagues

August 29-30, 2016, the 9th International Conference on Trust & Trustworthy Computing will be held in Vienna, Austria.  TRUST 2016 is an international conference that explores new ideas and experiences in building, designing, using and understanding trustworthy computing systems.

We are now calling for papers. Interested authors are invited to submit papers describing novel and previously unpublished results in building, designing, using and understanding trustworthy computing systems.




Paper topics include, but are not limited to:

    - Architectures for trustworthy infrastructures
    - Emerging applications and technologies, including recent industrial research and development on trusted/trustworthy computing
    - Hardware security, including secure storage, cryptographic coprocessors, smartcards, and physically unclonable functions (PUFs)
    - Trustworthy applications, including webbased systems
    - Trusted mobile computing platforms
    - Trustworthy embedded, CyberPhysical, and Internet of Things systems
    - Security analysis and formal techniques for trusted/trustworthy computing
    - Verification of trusted/trustworthy computing (architectures, platforms, software, protocols)
    - Usability of trusted/trustworthy computing solutions and humancomputer interactions
    - Cloud security and trustworthy services
    - Trust management
    - Software engineering techniques for trustworthiness
    - Operating system security, including virtualization and monitoring
    - Cryptography for trusted computing and related applications
    - Intrusion detection and resilience leveraging trusted computing
    - Security policies and management of trusted/trustworthy systems
    - Experimental, userbased or testbed studies


More details: http://trust2016.sba-research.org/?page_id=2


The paper submission deadline is May 9, 2016 and acceptance notification is by June 17, 2016.


We invite submissions of (i) full papers (up to 18 pages in  LNCS format) and (ii) short papers (up to 9 pages in LNCS format).

Full papers are expected to report substantial and well substantiated original results. Short papers can present work that is not fully fleshed out but brings forth novel and stimulating ideas. Please submit short papers as such and please be aware that no full paper will be converted to a short paper as part of the review process.

Kindly forward this email to other interested parties.

Moritz Wiese, Somayeh Salimi (Publicity and Publication chairs)

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