[Om-announce] Call for Participation: IEEE CNS 2016, 17-19 October 2016, Philadelphia, PA USA.

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IEEE CNS 2016----Call for Participation

IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (IEEE CNS)
17-19 October 2016, Philadelphia, PA USA.


IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS) is a conference series in IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) core conference portfolio and the only ComSoc conference focusing solely on cyber security. IEEE CNS is also a spin-off of IEEE INFOCOM, the premier ComSoc conference on networking. The goal of CNS is to provide an outstanding forum for cyber security researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and users to exchange ideas, techniques and tools, raise awareness, and share experience related to all practical and theoretical aspects of communications and network security.


In this year’s program, we bring you two exciting keynotes and two panels discussing the hot technology trends.




- Speaker 1: Dr. Don Towsley, Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Don Towsley holds a B.A. in Physics (1971) and a Ph.D. in Computer Science (1975) from University of Texas.  He is currently a Distinguished Professor at the University of Massachusetts in the School of Computer Science.  He has held visiting positions at numerous universities and research labs. His research interests include networks and performance evaluation.

He is co-founder and Co-EiC of the new ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of COmputing Systems (TOMPECS), and has served as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and on numerous editorial boards.  He has served as Program Co-chair of several conferences including INFOCOM 2009.

He is a corresponding member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and has received several achievement awards including the 2007 IEEE Koji Kobayashi Award and the 2011 INFOCOM Achievement Award. He has received numerous paper awards including the 2012 ACM SIGMETRICS Test-of-Time Award and a 2008 SIGCOMM Test-of-Time Paper Award, and the 1998 IEEE Communications Society William Bennett Best Paper Award. Last, he has been elected Fellow of both the ACM and IEEE.


- Speaker 2: Dr. Cliff Wang, Division Chief of Computing Sciences, US Army Research Office


Dr. Cliff Wang graduated from North Carolina State University with a PhD in computer engineering in 1996. He has been carrying out research in the area of computer vision, medical imaging, high speed networks, and most recently information security. He has authored over 40 technical papers and 3 Internet standards RFCs. Dr. Wang also authored/edited for 13 books in the area of information security and hold 3 US patents on information security system development. Since 2003, Dr. Wang has been managing extramural research portfolio on information assurance at US Army Research Office. In 2007 he was selected as the director of the computing sciences division at ARO while in the same time managing his program in cyber security. For the past ten years, Dr. Wang managed over $100M research funding which led to significant technology breakthroughs. Dr. Wang also holds adjunct faculty position at both Department of Computer Science and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University.




Panel I: Securing Software Defined Networks: From Theory to Practice

Moderator: Anita Nikolich (National Science Foundation & Morgridge Institute for Research)


Panel II: Wireless Security in the Era of Spectrum Sharing

Moderator: Wenjing Lou (National Science Foundation & Virginia Tech)


CNS 2016 includes 38 regular papers, 5 workshops, two full panels, and a set of posters. This year each technical session will host a mini-panel with paper authors at the end of the session, and each poster author will give a high-level presentation to highlight their work in the main conference.


This year CNS will feature five exciting workshops:


1. The 3rd Workshop on Physical-Layer Methods for Wireless Security
2. The Second International Workshop on Cognitive Radio and Electromagnetic Spectrum Security (CRESS 2016)
3. The Network Forensics Workshop
4. The 2nd IEEE Workshop on Security and Privacy in the Cloud (SPC 2016)
5. CPS-Sec-International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security



Please refer to program details at:




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