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ADHS 2018 Call for Papers

The 6th IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems

Oxford University, UK, July 11-13, 2018.

Website: http://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/conferences/ADHS18/

* Invited Session Proposals due: December 19, 2017

* Paper Submissions due: December 22, 2017

* Author notification: February 2018

The Organising Committee has the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the 6th IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems (ADHS 18) to be held at Oxford University, UK, July 11-13, 2018.

ADHS 2018 will be held at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford.

ADHS will be hosted within FLOC 2018 (http://www.floc2018.org) and will precede CAV 2018 (http://cavconference.org/2018/).

The conference happens under the auspices of IFAC and is sponsored by the IFAC Technical Committee on Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems.

Contributions are invited in all areas pertaining to the engineering of hybrid systems including: modelling, specification, verification, analysis, control synthesis, simulation, validation, and implementation. We solicit papers and invited session proposals describing theoretical or applied research in the area. We also welcome papers describing tools, reporting case studies or connecting the cognate fields of control theory and formal verification.

Contributions are encouraged on applications of hybrid methods in various fields, such as automotive, avionics, energy and power, mobile and autonomous robotics, the process and manufacture industry, transportation and infrastructure networks, communication networks and networked control systems, cyber-physical systems, safety-critical systems, systems and synthetic biology.

Author Guidelines

* Regular papers: Regular papers can have a length of up to 8 pages at submission. Accepted papers are limited to 6 pages in the conference preprints and on-line proceedings.

* Invited session proposals: Invited sessions consist of 4 to 6 papers related to a common theme that fits within the scope of ADHS. An invited session proposal should contain a short description of the common theme as well as the list of papers in the session and their abstracts.

The invited session organiser first has to submit the pdf file of the session proposal (without participating papers). The IFAC Conference Manuscript Management System then returns an acknowledgment that contains an alpha-numeric code for the proposed session. Subsequently, the organiser has to notify the contributing authors of their invited session code. The corresponding author of each paper then submits the paper on-line as an invited paper.

* Invited session papers: Invited session papers can have a length of up to 8 pages at submission. Invited session papers go through the same review process as regular papers. Accepted papers are limited to 6 pages in the conference preprints and on-line proceedings. Submission as an invited session paper requires the invited session code, which can be obtained from the session organiser.

Submission Instructions

* The website for submission is: https://ifac.papercept.net/conferences/scripts/start.pl

* All papers submitted to ADHS 18 must be written in English and formatted in the standard IFAC 2-column format provided on the IFAC Conference Management System website (see the item "Support for Authors" above).

* For initial submissions, all regular and invited session papers are limited to eight (8) pages. The submission website will not permit longer papers to be uploaded.

* For the final upload all accepted and invited papers are limited to six (6) pages.

* For each accepted paper at least one of the authors should have a full registration in order to have the paper included in the preprints and the post-conference on-line proceedings at IFAC-PapersOnLine.

* Author's kits with style (.cls) files for LaTeX are available from the submission website. Go to http://ifac.papercept.net and select "Support" for these files and example files, or directly go to the support page. Please do not change the formatting in any way.

Important Dates

Invited Session Proposals due: December 19, 2017

Paper submission due: December 22, 2017

Author notification: February 2018

Final papers due: April 2018

Early registration: TBA

Conference: July 11-13, 2018

The reference timezone for all deadlines is UTC-12.



General Chair

* Alessandro Abate (U. Oxford, UK)

Program Chairs

* Maurice Heemels (TU Eindhoven, NL)

* Antoine Girard (CNRS, FR)

Program Committee:

Erika Abraham,

Matthias Althoff,

Duarte Antunes,

Murat Arcak,

Nikolaos Athanasopoulos,

Ebru Aydin Gol,

Shun-ichi Azuma,

Ezio Bartocci,

Sergiy Bogomolov,

Luca Bortolussi,

Bernard Brogliato,

Peter E. Caines,

Christos G. Cassandras,

Patrizio Colaneri,

Samuel Coogan,

Alessandro D'Innocenzo,

Jamal Daafouz,

Thao Dang,

Bart De Schutter,

Jyotirmoy Deshmukh,

Mario di Bernardo,

Dimos V. Dimarogonas,

Mohamed Djemai,

Kerstin Eder,

Sadegh Esmaeil Zadeh Soudjani,

Martin Fabian,

Uli Fahrenberg,

Georgios Fainekos,

Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate,

Martin Fränzle,

Goran Frehse,

Sicun Gao,

Alessandro Giua,

Kim Guldstrand Larsen,

Holger Hermanns,

Laurentiu Hetel,

Joao Hespanha,

Jun-ichi Imura,

Franjo Ivancic,

Qing-Shan Jia,

Karl H. Johansson,

Agung Julius,

Marc Jungers,

Raphaël M. Jungers,

Joost-Pieter Katoen,

Stefan Kowalewski,

Françoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue,

Mircea Lazar,

Michael Lemmon,

Bengt Lennartson,

Hai Lin,

Jun Liu,

Alessio Lomuscio,

Jan Lunze,

Daniele Magazzeni,

Cristian Mahulea,

Paolo Mason,

Manuel Mazo Jr,

Ian M. Mitchell,

Irinel Constantin Morarescu,

Chris J. Myers,

Eva Navarro Lopez,

Meeko Oishi,

Necmiye Ozay,

George J. Pappas,

Mihaly Petreczky,

Romain Postoyan,

Pavithra Prabhakar,

Maria Prandini,

Christophe Prieur,

Joerg Raisch,

Spyros A. Reveliotis,

Matthias Rungger,

David Safranek,

Ricardo Sanfelice,

Sriram Sankaranarayanan,

Carla Seatzu,

Manuel Silva,

Oleg Sokolsky,

Paulo Tabuada,

Bert Tanner,

Andrew R. Teel,

Ashish Tiwari,

Ufuk Topcu,

Stavros Tripakis,

Jana Tumova,

Arjan J. van der Schaft,

Yorai Wardi,

Rafal Wisniewski,

Luca Zaccarian,

Majid Zamani,

Janan Zaytoon,

Naijun Zhan,

Qianchuan Zhao,

Paolo Zuliani.

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