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FORMATS 2017 - Call for Participation 

15th International Conference on 

Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems 

5-7 September, 2017 


FORMATS'17 takes place in Berlin, Germany, where it is part of QONFEST 

and is colocated with CONCUR'17 and QEST'17. 

Tentative Conference Programme 



As traditional, publication of the proceedings of FORMATS'17 will be hosted by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. 

Invited speakers 


Laurent Fribourg , LSV, Université Paris-Saclay. 

Morten Bisgaard , GomSpace (co-sponsored with QEST) 

Hongseok Yang , Department of computer science, Oxford University (co-sponsored with CONCUR and QEST) 





Early registration ends on 31 July, 2017 

Registration Page 

All the registration process (including payment) is carried out by the QONFEST organisation. 

Combined registrations (with a discount price) to CONCUR, QEST and EPEW are also available. 

Early registration ends on July, 31st! 



Control and analysis of the timing of computations is crucial to many domains of system engineering, be it, e.g., for ensuring timely response to stimuli originating in an uncooperative environment, or for synchronising components in VLSI. Reflecting this broad scope, timing aspects of systems from a variety of domains have been treated independently by different communities in computer science and control. Researchers interested in semantics, verification and performance analysis study models such as timed automata and timed Petri nets, the digital design community focuses on propagation and switching delays, while designers of embedded controllers have to take account of the time taken by controllers to compute their responses after sampling the environment, as well as of the dynamics of the controlled process during this span. 

Timing-related questions in these separate disciplines do have their particularities. However, there is a growing awareness that there are basic problems (of both scientific and engineering level) that are common to all of them. In particular, all these sub-disciplines treat systems whose behaviour depends upon combinations of logical and temporal constraints; namely, constraints on the temporal distances between occurrences of successive events. Often, these constraints cannot be separated, as the intrinsic dynamics of processes couples them, necessitating models, methods, and tools facilitating their combined analysis. Reflecting this, FORMATS'17 promotes submissions on hybrid discrete-continuous systems, and will promote a special session on this topic. 



The aim of FORMATS is to promote the study of fundamental and practical aspects of timed systems, and to bring together researchers from different disciplines that share interests in modelling and analysis of timed systems and, as a generalisation, of hybrid systems. Typical topics include (but are not limited to): 

* Foundations and Semantics : 

Theoretical foundations of timed systems and languages; new models and logics or analysis and comparison of existing models (like automata, Petri nets, max-plus models, network calculus, or process algebras involving quantitative time; hybrid automata; probabilistic automata and logics). 

* Methods and Tools : 

Techniques, algorithms, data structures, and software tools for analysing or synthesising timed or hybrid systems and for resolving temporal constraints (scheduling, worst-case execution time analysis, optimisation, model checking, testing, constraint solving, etc.) 

* Applications : 

Adaptation and specialisation of timing technology in application domains in which timing plays an important role (real-time software, embedded control, hardware circuits, and problems of scheduling in manufacturing and telecommunications). 

General Chair of QONFEST 


Katinka Wolter, (FU Berlin) 

Uwe Nestermann, (TU Berlin) 

Program Committee Chairs 


Alessandro Abate (Oxford, UK) 

Gilles Geeraerts (ULB, BE) 

Publicity Chair 


Thao Dang, (CNRS/University of Grenoble Alps, France) 

Program Committee 


Erika Abraham 

Etienne André 

Bernard Berthomieu 

Sergiy Bogomolov 

Patricia Bouyer 

Thomas Brihaye 

Alexandre David 

Uli Fahrenberg 

Martin Fränzle 

Jane Hillston 

David Jansen 

Jan Křetínský 

Giuseppe Lipari 

Nicolas Markey 

Dejan Nickovic 

Jens Oehlerking 

Pavithra Prabhakar 

Karin Quaas 

Jan Reineke 

Olivier H. Roux 

Sibylle Schupp 

Ana Sokolova 

Oleg Sokolsky 

Jirí Srba 

Nathalie Sznajder 

Stavros Tripakis 

Majid Zamani 

Steering Committee 


Rajeev Alur, (U. Pennsylvania, USA) 

Eugene Asarin, (U. Paris Diderot, France) 

Martin Fränzle (U. Oldenburg, Germany) 

Thomas A. Henzinger, (IST Austria) 

Joost-Pieter Katoen, (RWTH Aachen, Germany) 

Kim G. Larsen, (U. Aalborg, Denmark) 

Oded Maler, (VERIMAG, CNRS-UGA, France) 

Lothar Thiele, (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) 

Wang Yi, (U. Uppsala, Sweden) 

Thao Dang, 
Directeur de recherche au CNRS 
Laboratoire VERIMAG 
700 avenue centrale 
38400 Saint Martin D'Heres 

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