[Om-announce] CFP: Thematic Issue on Security, trust and privacy for Human-centric Internet of Things

Damien Sauveron damien.sauveron at unilim.fr
Thu Jul 26 10:43:55 CEST 2018

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.:: Call for Papers ::.



*Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences (1.967 -- 2-year 
Impact Factor), Springer Open

*Thematic Issue on Security, trust and privacy for Human-centric 
Internet of Things*

The aim of this thematic series is to publish articles that cover the 
various developments in theory and practice related to the latest 
methods, solutions, and case studies in security, trust, and privacy for 
human-centric internet of things (IoT). Submitted articles should 
present research contributions that help solve the challenges that arise 
in developing a secure and privacy-aware human-centric IoT. This can be 
achieved by proposing security policies, algorithms, protocols, 
frameworks, and solutions for human-centric IoT ecosystems. We also 
welcome high-quality review articles, which focus on the analysis and 
integration of diverse kinds of approaches such as artificial 
intelligence cognitive computing, blockchain, big data mining, or soft 
computing in the area of human-centric IoT security.

  * Security and privacy issues in human-centric IoT
  * Trust management for human-centric IoT
  * Intrusion detection technique for human-centric IoT
  * Artificial intelligence for secure human-centric IoT
  * Cognitive computing for secure human-centric IoT
  * Social considerations, legal, and ethics in human-centric IoT security
  * Blockchain for human-centric IoT security
  * Cyber-attack detection and prevention systems for human-centric IoT
  * Biometric security in human-centric IoT
  * Reverse engineering for human-centric IoT
  * Human-centric IoT security using digital forensics investigation
  * Big data mining for privacy-aware human-centric IoT
  * Innovative deep learning approach for human-centric IoT security
  * Fuzzy fusion of Information, data and sensors
  * Advance persistent threats in human-centric IoT

*/Submission Instructions/*

Please read them on https://hcis-journal.springeropen.com/securityhciot


*/Deadline for submissions: /*/30 October 2018/



*/Lead Guest Editor/***

Kyung-Soo Lim, Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute, Korea

*/Guest Editors/*
Javier López, University of Málaga, Spain
Damien Sauveron, XLIM (UMR CNRS 7252 / Université de Limoges), France
Isaac Woungang, Ryerson University, Canada
Sherali Zeadally, University of Kentucky, USA

Damien Sauveron

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