[Om-announce] Workshop in Geometric Computation, Dublin, June

Colm O Dunlaing odunlain at maths.tcd.ie
Tue Mar 6 17:35:21 CET 2018

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Many thanks,
Rolf Klein, Colm O Dunlaing, Jose Refojo, and Chee Yap,
Organisers, HMIGCA-18.

HMI Workshop on Geometric Computation and Applications, Dublin,
June 2018.

This workshop will run from Sunday 17 June (reception) through
Thursday 21 June, in Trinity College, Dublin. It is supported by the
HMI (Hamilton Mathematics Institute, TCD).

There are 5 invited speakers and there is some time for contributed

Registration is free, but required. Visit the site below for
more details and a registration form. After registering, you
will receive information about on-campus accommodation
which needs to be arranged early, since there is pressure
on accommodation during the summer season.

For more details:
www.maths.tcd.ie/~hmigca-18 (website)
hmigca-18 at maths.tcd.ie (email)

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