[Om-announce] [ISSAC-ANNOUNCE] Journal of Symbolic Computation Special Issue for ISSAC2018: Call for Papers

Gleb Pogudin pogudin at CIMS.NYU.EDU
Wed Oct 3 05:42:45 CEST 2018

Special Issue - ISSAC 2018

A special issue of Journal of Symbolic Computation will be published 
following the
43rd International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation 
(ISSAC’18) which
was held at the CUNY Graduate Center and Courant Institute of 
Mathematical Sciences
of NYU from July 16-19, 2018.

Guest Editors

  * Manuel Kauers, Johannes Kepler University Linz, manuel.kauers at jku.at
    Alexey Ovchinnikov, City University of New York, 
alexey.ovchinnikov at qc.cuny.edu
    Eric Schost, University of Waterloo, eschost at uwaterloo.ca

Important Dates

  * Deadline for paper submission: November 17, 2018.

Submission Guidelines

  * We solicit high-quality and original research papers with journal-style
    extent of papers related to topics discussed at ISSAC’18. Papers may be
    extended versions of ISSAC papers, posters, software demonstrations.
    We also accept submissions that are not connected to an ISSAC 
    but otherwise related to the event. All submitted papers will be 
    according to the usual JSC refereeing process.

  * You are recommended to use the latex style file and template from
    to prepare your manuscript to speedup the publication procedure.

  * Submission is via EasyChair at the website:


    Notice the trailing 0.

  * The introduction of the paper
      must explicitly address the following questions
      in succinct and informal manner:

       - What is the problem?
       - Why is the problem important?
       - What has been done so far on the problem?
       - What is the main contribution of the paper on the problem?
       - Why is the contribution original? (see below for clarification)
       - Why is the contribution non-trivial?
       - How is the journal paper different from the conference paper.

     * Make it complete (since there is no page limit).

       - All the related works and issues must be completely and 
carefully discussed.
       - All the previous relevant JSC papers must be properly cited and 
       - All the theorem must be rigorously proved (no sketch allowed).
       - All the important definitions/theorems/algorithms must be 
illustrated by well-chosen examples.

     * Address all the feedback from the conference's referee process 
and Q/A.

       The results which already appeared in the conference paper
       will be still counted as an original result for JSC refereeing 
       Incorporating additional results, especially inspired by the ISSAC
       reviews or by discussions during the conference is strongly 

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