[Om-announce] Call for Papers Special issue on Granular Computing [Algorithms, MDPI]

Alessio Martino alessio.martino at uniroma1.it
Wed Nov 6 09:58:34 CET 2019

Dearest Colleagues, 

I am contacting you in my capacity as Guest Editor for a Special Issue titled:

	"Granular Computing: From Foundations to Applications"

to appear in “Algorithms” MDPI journal:

https://www.mdpi.com/journal/algorithms/special_issues/Granular_Computing <https://www.mdpi.com/journal/algorithms/special_issues/Granular_Computing>    

Given your innovative research activities and considered your previous publications on related topics, I invite you and your co-authors to submit an original research paper, or a focused review, for our special issue.

Deadline for manuscript submissions is 30 November 2019.

Submitted papers will be peer reviewed and, upon acceptance, the paper will be published in open access form soon after professional editing.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I sincerely hope that you will accept this invitation to contribute to this Special Issue. If you believe that you will be able to submit a manuscript, I would also greatly appreciate if you could respond to this invitation at your earliest convenience.

“Algorithms” (ISSN 1999-4893) is an EI, Scopus and ESCI indexed, Open Access journal of computer science, theory, methods and interdisciplinary applications, data and information systems, software engineering, artificial intelligence, automation and control systems, and is published online monthly by MDPI.

Best Regards


Alessio Martino / PhD Research Fellow 
alessio.martino at uniroma1.it <mailto:alessio.martino at uniroma1.it>
Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications (DIET) - University of Rome "La Sapienza" 
Via Eudossiana 18
00184 Rome, Italy 
https://web.uniroma1.it/dip_diet/en <https://web.uniroma1.it/dip_diet/en>
  <https://htmlsig.com/t/000001C4HZQK>   <https://htmlsig.com/t/000001C6NBHT>
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