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Call for Papers
**Applications and Systems Track**
at the 17th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge
Representation and Reasoning (KR2020)

September 12-18th, 2020
Rhodes, Greece


Important Dates
Submission of title and abstract: 4 March 2020
Paper submission deadline: 11 March 2020
Author response period: 4--6 May 2020
Notification: 27 May 2020
Camera-ready papers: 24 June 2020
Conference dates: 12--18 September 2020  

The Applications and Systems Track at KR2020 invites submissions of
regular and short papers on emerging and deployed applications of
knowledge representation and reasoning (KR) and KR tools and systems

-- Papers describing all aspects of the development, deployment, and
evaluation of KR systems to solve real-world problems, including
interesting case studies and benchmarks, and lessons learned.

-- Papers describing all aspects of KR related tools and systems,
indicating clearly their capabilities and limitations, uses cases and

-- Papers on the application of KR in life sciences, genetics, medicine,
pharmacology, economics, computer vision, image and video understanding,
natural language understanding, robotics, human robot collaboration,
digital forensics, cybersecurity, blockchain, education, bioinformatics,
computational biology, intelligent transportation, logistics, internet
of things, creative computing, software engineering, intelligent user
interfaces, etc.

-- Papers on applications that combine KR with other techniques such as
machine learning, data analytics, game theory, social choice, etc.

-- Papers on creation of datasets, benchmarks and annotated corpuses,
and knowledge repositories  that drive applications.

The goal of this track is not only to encourage applications of KR and
development of KR systems but also to increase the visibility of
research done on applications and systems of KR in the evolving panorama
of AI which is gaining more and more popularity.

Submission Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria

The Applications and Systems Track will allow contributions of both
regular papers (9 pages) and short papers (4 pages), excluding
references, prepared and submitted according to Authors Guidelines for

Submissions will be rigorously peer reviewed by PC members, who are
active in applications of KR and/or development of KR systems.

In addition to the usual evaluation criteria about clarity of the
presentation and quality of the writing, for applications papers, the
criteria will include:
-- Significance of the real-world problem being addressed.
-- Importance and novelty of using KR technologies to solve this
-- Evaluation and applicability of the system in the real world.
-- Clear evidence of the potential benefits of applying and improving KR
tools and techniques.
-- Reusability of datasets, case studies, knowledge repositories and

For tools and systems papers, the criteria will include:
-- Quality and capabilities of the described tool or system, assessed,
e.g., through benchmarking and experimentation.
-- Importance, and impact of the tool or system, assessed through
relevant applications or use-cases in which the tool or system has been

For any questions regarding suitability of a submission or of any other
aspect of the track, please email the track co-chairs:
Chitta Baral (Arizona State University, USA), chitta at asu.edu
Francesco Ricca (University of Calabria, Italy), ricca at mat.unical.it
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