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                          ISSAC 2020

  International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
                        July 20-22 2020

            Second Call for Software Demonstrations


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ISSAC 2020 is organized as a virtual
conference. The real-time part of the Symposium will be limited to 3
hours per day, starting at 15.00 Eastern European Time, during July
20-22, 2020. ISSAC 2020 will include most of the components of a usual
ISSAC meeting. Some presentations (e.g., invited talks) will be fully
live, while some others will have presentations circulated before the
conference and be followed by an interactive portion during the
conference. This format is designed to give a chance for ISSAC
participants in all time zones to get the most out of this meeting.

Important Dates for Software presentations:

Deadline for submission: June 10 (instructions below).
Notification of decision: July 1.
Final presentations uploaded: July 10, details on the format TBD

Software presentations:
The software presentations at ISSAC are for demonstrating and
communicating new developments in software for symbolic and algebraic
computation. Presentations are welcome for software based on
previously published algorithms and mathematics. Authors are invited
to submit an extended abstract in PDF format of no more than 4 pages
which will be reviewed by the software committee.  Accepted software
presentations will then consist of slides in PDF format posted online
at the ISSAC website before the start of the conference, with an
opportunity to see questions about their slides before their allotted
presentation time.

Please submit your presentation by
(11pm anywhere on earth) June 10, 2020, using
the following link:


Live sessions will be allocated for questions, answers, and discussion
on individual software presentations during the daily online
meetings. (The live sessions will NOT be for presentation of software
slides: software presentations will have already been recorded and
viewed before the live session.) Scheduling details will be determined
in due course.

The accepted software abstracts will be published in an upcoming issue
of the ACM SIGSAM Communications in Computer Algebra.

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