[Om-announce] LPOP 2020 Call for Participation

Matthew Castellana matcastellan at cs.stonybrook.edu
Mon Nov 9 22:52:00 CET 2020

We extend a call for participation to the Logic and Practice of 
Programming (LPOP) 2020 Workshop:


The goal of the workshop is to bring together the best people and best 
languages, tools, and ideas to help improve logic languages for the 
practice of programming and improve the practice of programming with 
logic and declarative programming.

We will have invited talks by four wonderful people: Adnan Darwiche 
(UCLA), Leslie Lamport (Microsoft Research), Stuart Russell (UC 
Berkeley), and Peter Stuckey (U of Melbourne). There will be additional 
presentations and discussion panels on using well-known description 
methods and tools. We have grouped presentations of description methods 
by the kind of problems that they address, and to allow ample time to 
understand the strengths of the various approaches and how they might be 

If you are interested in attending, please visit 
https://2020.splashcon.org/home/lpop-2020 to register. The full program 
for the workshop can be found under the "Program" tab on the main page.

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