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IEEE ITNAC contribute to 2022 and submit a paper to IJICTA

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** How you can contribute to the ITNAC community today and in coming months

The Association is working to get a new Journal included in Scopus. To achieve this outcome we could do with your help. If you can spare a day, write a 4 page single column paper and submit the paper to the International Journal of Information, Communication Technology and Applications (https://ijicta.org/) . We'll process your paper quickly and publish the paper. All papers are indexed with ORCID. The Journal is open access, so you can immediately submit the paper to ResearchGate to attract citations.

We would like to get IJICTA included in Scopus asap, so that we have a Journal to compliment ITNAC and to provide a location for extended papers to be published.

If you would like to become an editor of the Journal and to help attract papers, contact the committee today.

We're committed to providing a high quality peer reviewed Journal that will enhance the Association's offering to our community.
Welcome to our final newsletter for 2021 - Contribute to ITNAC 2022

Technical co-sponsorship from again be sought from the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Communications Society.


We need your support. If you have a PhD email the committee (mailto:committee at itnac.org.au?subject=Join%20the%20ITNAC%20TPC&body=Dear%20Committee%2C%0A%0AI%20would%20like%20to%20join%20the%20ITNAC%20TPC.%0A%0A) to join the Technical Program Committee. ITNAC continues to be a successful conference with your support. If you wish to join the committee and help with the conference, contact the committee.

The ITNAC committee is committed to running the conference and to providing an opportunity for our community to publish papers at this difficult time.

If you need assistance or advice on how to get involved contact the committee.
Juniper Networks has again kindly sponsored ITNAC in 2021.

Learn about how your university can access the Juniper online learning and certification materials. Visit the Juniper Learning Portal (https://learningportal.juniper.net/juniper/default.aspx) today.

Spread the word

Are you an academic or student ? Spread the word to your colleagues that ITNAC 2022 will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues and friends whilst presenting a paper.

ITNAC 2022 will again have a wonderful ambience and be a great experience for everyone that participates. We need your support at this time, to ensure that ITNAC is a success and continues to be the leading international telecommunications and networking conference in Australia and New Zealand.

Call for Papers

As is our practice the Call for Papers will be available at the ITNAC website, which is currently undergoing the annual update and you can submit your paper through EDAS.info after 10 January 2022.


On behalf of the committee and our volunteer marketing chair Dr Nazmus Nafi we will look forward to providing you with information throughout the year, and to respond to your feedback. If you would like to get involved and volunteer for one of the committee roles, email the committee.

Stay safe

We anticipate a great conference in 2022 in Wellington, New Zealand that will be our first opportunity to meet once again. In the interim stay safe and take care.

On behalf of the committee, we would like to wish you all well at this difficult time.

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