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**               Call for Participation: FACS 2021
**    17th International Conference on Formal Aspects of Component Software
**                         Virtual Event
**                      October 28-29, 2021
**                  https://facs2021.inria.fr


Component-based software development proposes sound engineering principles
and techniques to cope with the complexity of present-day software systems.
However, many challenging conceptual and technological issues remain in
component-based software development theory and practice. Furthermore, the
advent of service-oriented and cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, and
the Internet of Things has brought to the fore new dimensions, such as
quality of service and robustness to withstand faults, which require
revisiting established concepts and developing new ones.

FACS 2021 is concerned with how formal methods can be applied to
component-based software and system development. Formal methods have
provided foundations for component-based software through research on
mathematical models for components, composition and adaptation, and
rigorous approaches to verification, deployment, testing, and certification.


FACS 2021 is free to attend, but registration is mandatory. Registered
attendees will receive invites to the online event. Registration is open
until Friday, 22 October 2021.



TIME GMT+2 (Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Brussels, Budapest, Madrid, Oslo,
Paris, Praga, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw)

# OCTOBER 28, 2021

# 13h -> 15h - Session 1 (Modelling & Composition)

Component-based Approach Combining UML and BIP for Rigorous System Design.
Salim Chehida, Saddek Bensalem and Abdelhakim Baouya.

Composable Partial Multiparty Session Types.
Claude Stolze, Marino Miculan and Pietro Di Gianantonio.

A Canonical Algebra of Open Transition Systems.
Elena Di Lavore, Alessandro Gianola, Mario Román, Nicoletta Sabadini and
Pawel Sobocinski.

Corinne, a Tool for the Composition of Choreography Automata.
Simone Orlando, Vairo Di Pasquale, Franco Barbanera, Ivan Lanese and Emilio

# 15h15 -> 16h30 - Session 2 (Invited Talk)

Parametric and Interval Model Checking - Recent Advances and Applications.
Radu Calinescu

# OCTOBER 29, 2021

# 13h -> 15h - Session 3 (Verification)

Specification and Verification of Parametric Systems with Recursive
Marius Bozga and Radu Iosif.

A linear parallel algorithm to compute bisimulation and relational coarsest
Jan Martens, Jan Friso Groote, Lars B. van den Haak, Pieter Hijma and Anton

Automated Generation of Initial Configurations for Testing Component
Frederic Dadeau, Jean-Philippe Gros and Olga Kouchnarenko.

Monitoring Distributed Component-Based Systems.
Yliès Falcone, Hosein Nazarpour, Saddek Bensalem and Marius Bozga.

# 15h15 -> 16h30 - Session 4 (Invited Talk)

Learning Assumptions for Verifying Cryptographic Protocols Compositionally.
Corina Pasareanu
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