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                     20th International Conference on
            Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science
                                RAMiCS 2023

           3 to 6 April 2023, Technologiezentrum Augsburg, Germany

Additionally to the standard CfP, RAMiCS is also calling for short
contributions and posters.  We are hence calling for presentations of
original, unfinished, already published, or otherwise interesting work
within the topics of the RAMiCS conferences.  The submission can be in
the form of a poster, an abstract, a paper submitted to or published
at another conference, etc.  Short contributions will *not* be
published in the conference proceedings.


   Submission:          January 27, 2023
   Notification:        February 03, 2023
   RAMiCS 2023:         April 03-06, 2023


   Alexander Knapp, Augsburg University, Germany
   John Stell, University of Leeds, UK
   Valeria Vignudelli, CNRS/ENS Lyon, France


Since 1994, the RAMICS conference series has been the main venue for
research on relation algebras, Kleene algebras and similar algebraic
formalisms, and their applications as conceptual and methodological
tools in computer science and beyond.


We invite short submissions in the general fields of algebras relevant
to computer science and applications of such algebras. Topics include
but are not limited to:

* Theory
   - algebras such as semigroups, residuated lattices, semirings,
     Kleene algebras, relation algebras and quantales
   - their connections with program logics and other logics
   - their use in the theories of automata, concurrency, formal languages,
     games, networks and programming languages
   - the development of algebraic, algorithmic, category-theoretic,
     coalgebraic and proof-theoretic methods for these theories
   - their formalisation with theorem provers

* Applications
   - tools and techniques for program correctness, specification and
   - quantitative and qualitative models and semantics of computing
     systems and processes
   - algorithm design, automated reasoning, network protocol analysis,
     social choice, optimisation and control
   - industrial applications


Please send your short submission as a single pdf file to

   ramics2023 at easychair.org<mailto:ramics2023 at easychair.org>

by January 27, 2023.


Roland Glück, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Germany
Luigi Santocanale, LIS, Aix-Marseille University, France
Michael Winter, Brock University, Canada
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