mathml, openmath irrelevant?

Taneli Huuskonen huuskone at
Thu Apr 22 15:17:12 CEST 1999

Richard Fateman wrote:

> Looking at the report of a workshop sponsored by
> NSF (may 1998) it seems that other people have
> solved all our problems, and entirely without our help.
> see
> and the further references from that, such
> as

I quickly skimmed through these pages, and my general impression was
that they pointed out the need for various kinds of tools that could be
used to exchange data and queries between different programs and
different platforms.  The existing technologies that were mentioned,
such as CORBA, would only help in transferring data that were already
suitably expressed as abstract objects, as far as I understand.  In
other words, those technologies would complement OpenMath, whose purpose
is to express mathematical formulae on a suitably abstract level.

Taneli Huuskonen

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