mathml, openmath irrelevant?

Ravi C Venkatesan rcv_dac at
Fri Apr 23 17:13:28 CEST 1999

I apologize aforehand for sounding opionated/rude.The NSF reports appear
shallow and cursory, to say the very least. I had hoped they would
concentrate more on generic standards concerning object oriented
implementations and PERHAPS, comparisons between various approaches. 
Instead, a LOT of attention has been given to issues like CORBA ewhich is
merely "middleware". 


On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Richard J. Fateman wrote:

> I think that the people writing those reports felt that
> they had solved all problems, not that they were complementary
> to openmath.  I think I found one mention of XML for math.
> I thought that other people would rise to the bait, but
> you are the first response of any sort that I got!
> Regards,
>  Richard Fateman

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