OM Floats

Bruce R Miller miller at
Wed Jul 14 23:07:21 CEST 1999

On Jul 14,  1:31pm, Richard J. Fateman wrote:
> If OM is small like Scheme (warning, the official IEEE standard for
> Scheme is something like 15 pages), then feel free to leave stuff out.
> If OM is like Common Lisp, 1000+ pages? then it seems to me to be
> rather surprising that OM's concept of number primitives goes only
> to integer  (and apparently IEEE double-float too), and not much else.

Well, it's really more like C.  You have a relatively small core,
providing such powerful building blocks like "Here's a chunk of memory",
and lots and lots of libraries that you hope somebody, someday, will
implement consistently.

[Coming from a fellow Lisp lover, that analogy is a _lot_  more
derogatory than I feel about OM.... but I couldn't resist :>]

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