OpenMath Workshop & Seminar

Bruce R Miller miller at
Wed May 5 20:07:26 CEST 1999

Hello all;
  There seem to be two versions of the 12th OpenMath Workshop (Eindoven)
dates floating around: the most official looking one (at Riaca) has it
from June 15-16; but another page on has June 14-15.
Which is correct?

Also, there's a "Seminar on OpenMath for Industry" a few days before, in
Amsterdam.  (Not to sound derogatory, but) Is this more of an Executive
Summary that would be useless to someone already familiar with OpenMath?
Or is it likely worthwhile and non-overlapping ?

While I'm at it: There's mention of an annual meeting to be held on
June 13.  Is this exclusively for (already) members of the OpenMath Society?
(which leads to) What are the current eligibility requirements for membership?


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