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Pam Bishop bishopp at for.mat.bham.ac.uk
Tue Oct 12 11:28:46 CEST 1999

> As someone new to "OpenMath", I would like to know what the differences
> exist between MathML and OpenMath? These are not clear in the discussions
> that I have seen so far. Is there a FAQ or other document that treats this
> issue?

Fred - there is a useful paper at

In particular, the following paragraph is relevant to your query:

"MathML and OpenMath are in many respects complimentary. OpenMath can provide 
an extension and formalisation of the mathematical semantics in MathML. In turn 
MathML offers a visualisation and publication mechanism for OpenMath. In 
addition, many tools are likely to provide interoperability. (This is 
particularly related to the fact that both notations have XML encodings). The 
relationship between the various parts of MathML and OpenMath can be visualised 
as below:  
  (there is a Venn diagram here)

"We can expect to see OpenMath in use in areas where the formal mathematical 
properties of an object are paramount - in specialist engineering applications, 
research and so on. MathML will become widespread for example in education and 
publishing where the visual aspects of a mathematical expression may be as 
important as (or more important than) the underlying semanic content. The 
balance between MathML presentation and content will depend on this relative 
importance. As there is a clear sphere of common interest between the scope of 
OpenMath and MathML, it is also probable that many expressions will start life 
in one form and at some point be re-represented in the other"

Let me know if this is helpful - Pam Bishop  


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