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Ka-Ping Yee ping at lfw.org
Tue Sep 28 23:38:11 CEST 1999

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, David Carlisle wrote:
> >  including ones that MathML still fails to solve.
> > Here is one simple example: write
> >     5 < x <= 10

> Minse is as far as I remember purely presentational,

No no no -- this is completely not the case!  I was the one
arguing for a more semantic basis for representation on the
HTML-Math mailing list way back when they were doing a kind
of LaTeX-Mathematica-derived syntax, and others were reluctant.

MINSE is a structured expression notation completely separate
from the presentation which can be specified in a stylesheet.
It was actually kind of a precursor to XML, but without the
hype, with a more concise and readable syntax, and with a more
convenient and powerful stylesheet mechanism.

> <OMA>
>   <OMS name="and" cd="logic1"/>
>   <OMA>
>     <OMS name="relation1" name="lt"/>
>     <OMI>5</OMI>
>     <OMV name="x"/>
>   </OMA>
>   <OMA>
>     <OMS name="relation1" name="leq"/>
>     <OMV name="x"/>
>     <OMI>10</OMI>
>   </OMA>
> </OMA>

It's nice, but i'd still much rather type "5 < x <= 10".

-- ?!ng

"Computers are useless.  They can only give you answers."
    -- Pablo Picasso

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