[om] Netscape and MathML

Paul Libbrecht paul at math.uqam.ca
Thu Sep 30 14:05:12 CEST 1999

Not knowing anything about MathML, may I ask if lots of folks around have
done (or still do) lots of bug reporting for Netscape's support for MathML.
It seems a pretty good idea, definitely, I'm just hoping things get really
better than, for example, CSS support in NS4. The bugzilla stories running
these days definitely seem to say it is the good time to do so...


>Nonetheless, MS Word exports MathML (via Mathtype), Mathematica will
>import, evaluate and export MathML, and shortly, Netscape will display
>MathML.  And on these facts, I rest my defense of MathML as a
>contribution to the world methematical community, in spite of whatever
>theoretical short comings it may have.

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