[om] Bindings / Sparse Linear Algebra and Distributions / Optimization

Leonardo B. Lopes leo at iems.nwu.edu
Fri Apr 14 22:43:52 CEST 2000

Dear developers,

	I have read the standard with respect to bindings, and looked at
some examples kindly pointed to me by David Carlisle in the mathml list,
but I am still not sure I understand the binding concept in Openmath. The
way I understand it, it is roughly an instrument designed to describe the
scope (syntatically) of some elements. The "forall" example seems clearer
than the example on the standard, but obviously there is a reason why it
was implemented in the way it was and I don't quite get it. If someone
could kindly explain that a little better I would truly appreciate it.

	On another note, I am developing some XML structures and
accompanying libraries for communicating sparse vectors, and uni- and
multivariate distributions that would be very useful for my research in
Stochastic Optimization. These structures are being carefully designed
to address shortcomings in the current standards, which are well
documented in the literature. To me it seems natural that these structures
should be compatible with OpenMath, or even better, that they use some
part of OM that has already been written. Unfortunately, I can not seem to
find references to sparse objects or distributions in OM. Who are the
people who would be interested in this application and how do I contact

	Lastly, are there any Optimization people involved in this? Is
this even the right place to address this issue? If you can help, please
get in contact and I will talk about the details.

Thank You very much,

Leonardo B. Lopes                                       leo at iems.nwu.edu 
Ph.D. Student                                              (847)491-8470
IEMS - Northwestern University              http://www.iems.nwu.edu/~leo

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