[om] OpenMath namespace

Michael Kohlhase Michael_Kohlhase at sausage.fox.cs.cmu.edu
Wed Nov 1 18:57:32 CET 2000

Dear all,

I remember that there was a dispute over the correct OpenMath namespace a
while ago. Has there  been a consensus on that? 

>From my archive, I can only see that the discussion petered out, with the
suggestion of http://www.openmath.org, but David arguing against it, and
for http://www.openmath.org/OpenMath.

As I want to include it for the OMOBJ element in my OMDoc standard (to be
released today; "why-oh-why do people always consider the important issues
on the deadline"), I would like to do it right. 


BTW, this might also be an issue that should be discussed on the OpenMath
web pages.

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