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Paul Libbrecht paul at
Mon Jun 4 13:02:20 CEST 2001

Sir Mike,

Muuuuh... never even saw this page.

Allow me to suggest that you put a mailto link for addition 
suggestions... that would help.

As for other links, huuuh... way a lot:

- MBase (a project of mathematical database):
   (the database is meant at storing and searching OMdocs and OMOBJs

- the ActiveMath project ( an OMdoc based 
learning environment.

- Jome: the Java openmath editor...

- I guess Jürgen Zimmer will provide you a pointer to MathWeb which is 
starting openMathing

- WebPearls ??? (not mine, but interesting, are 
supposed to be OpenMath based)

- Where's the GAP phrasebook ???

- How about something describing Eindhoven's efforts: smash and their 
new phrasebooks?

- shouldn't we dare put a link to the Polylab's library ?

- Is there a page twoards David Carlisle's numerous stylesheets ??

- the QMath OMdoc and OpenMath authorign system, should come soon.

And we should expect soon things from Eindhoven, I hope...



On Monday, June 4, 2001, at 12:09 PM, Mike Dewar wrote:

> James Davenport is the main author of the polynomial CDs, but here are
> some non-definitive responses to the points you raise.
>> Bye the way, is there any page where all (small or little) projects 
>> that
>> use OpenMath  are listed? That would be very helpful to avoid double
>> inventions and learn from another.
> From time to time I have receive such pointers which I add to the links 
> page
> of the website.  I'd be overjoyed to add some more :-)
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