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Mika Seppälä Mika.Seppala at fsu.edu
Sat Mar 31 22:09:26 CEST 2001

openmath.org problems resolved

The domain openmath.org has not been accessible for some time now.  The
problem has been resolved, and the mailing lists as well as the web site are
now functional.  What happened was that the fee for the renewal of the
domain name was credited to openmath.com instead of openmath.org.  This
mistake was discovered so late that the registrar had already discontinued
the registration of openmath.org, and subsequently the domain was registered
by a third party.  Resolving this matter and getting the domain openmath.org
back to the possession of the OpenMath Society took a long time.  I'm sorry
for the inconvenience and glad for the fact that the new registrar, Host
Start, was co-operative and helped us to solve this problem.


Mika Seppälä

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