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Michael Kohlhase Michael_Kohlhase at asuka.mt.cs.cmu.edu
Fri May 4 20:57:07 CEST 2001

Dear Andrew,

your assessment of the situation is very much driven by your experience of
writing phrasebooks for computer algebra systems, and I agree with you that
something like this is needed for this application.

This is not the only use of OpenMath. In the theorem proving applications,
we do not need phrasebooks, since we do not implement the mathematical
objects represented symbols in software, but reason about them in software
systems. In this application, the content dictionaries and their symbols
are much lighter-weight objects, they can be created, experimented with,
revised, and later at some point stablilized to a formal theory. 

For this kind of application, the procedure you have described is much to
heavy and time-consuming. Of course, the two applications are not
independent (on the contrary, the intersection is the interesting bit). For
instance we would like to reason about objects in a CD that has a
phrasebook for Mathematica, so that the objects can directly be

I think that there is a fundamental issue in the use of (and the intuition
about) CDs that we should discuss. I think that we should not restrict our
attention (and the infrastructure/procedures) to one of the uses of CDs.


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