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Bruce Miller bruce.miller at nist.gov
Tue May 29 15:35:43 CEST 2001

Arjeh Cohen wrote:
> I know that Bill Naylor is working on the special functions
> CD. Since the AMS55 (Abraham/Stegun) on line project is making
> good progress, and since editors involved are perfectly
> willing to align with OpenMath, but not doing the work,
> it seems to make good sense to contact the editors,
> e.g. Ron Boisvelt.
[typeo: Ron Boivert]

Actually, I've had a draft specfun CD (& sts) for quite awhile
now, although they are still skeletal at this point.
The CD lists the symbols with brief description & reference to 
AMS55, but no examples.
[and _no_ decisions on `Standard' branch cuts, etc! :>
 I've never found a mathematician who would agree that such
 a beast exists.]
The sts treats most fcns as C^N=>C.

I apologize for being lax about making it available earlier on,
so that it could get finished or merged or whatever.
[being swamped is never really _that_ good of an excuse]
-- I know there are (or were) a couple of other specfun efforts
out there besides Bill's (unless he is merging those others).

At any rate, perhaps with Arjeh's skillful prodding, all of us
who've looked at this could pool our ideas/resources/etc
and get it done.   So speak up! :>

Bruce Miller
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