[om] OMBVAR and related question

Andreas Strotmann strotman at cs.fsu.edu
Wed Apr 24 19:57:55 CEST 2002

Just a quick note:

>               <OMA>
>                 <OMS name="subscript" cd="to=be=written"/>
>                 <OMV name="a"/>
>                 <OMV name="i"/>
>               </OMA>

a)  Did you notice that, semantically, you're using a variable "a" here
(and not a_i) and that the subscripting function is actually the
projection in tuple space \pi(a,i)  (I think it's usually written \pi_i(a)).

b)  If you would like to have "subscripted variables", it might be better
to have something like <omv ...> ... <omv>, with omv becoming a
general-purpose constructor for variables that has a variable descriptor
(with subscripts etc.) as sub-nodes.

  -- Andreas

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