Licenses (was [om] OM-lib 1.1 alpha)

Paul Libbrecht paul at
Wed Feb 13 00:04:39 CET 2002

Just wanted to let everyone know that after a few times, I could simply 
come to the conclusion that this license is almost the same as Mozilla 
public license. Good to finally realize !!

I think the general subject of Licenses is an interesting subject 
although it's rather far away from general OpenMath talk.
In general, I would really suggest everyone to follow such a license 
which is both opened and responsible (and avoid GPL and avoid 
closed-source). Such informations should, I believe, also be written in 
the tools lists.



On Mercredi, janvier 30, 2002, at 05:05 , Paul Libbrecht wrote:

> Hey Manfred,
> What's your license ??
> Paul
> On Vendredi, janvier 25, 2002, at 04:02 PM, Manfred Riem wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> The latest alpha version (1.1.1) of the RIACA OpenMath
>> Library is now available at
>> [...]
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