[om] OpenMath bugs

Andreas Strotmann Strotmann at rrz.uni-koeln.de
Thu Aug 7 14:37:35 CEST 2003

Jacques Carette wrote:

> I am really surprised to see such bugs -- aren't there automated tools 
> that could have caught these types of silly bugs?  I thought that was 
> part and parcel of why OM is XML-like. 

These are *experimental* CDs. Detection of this type of bug is a normal 
part of the CD Review process.  When I reviewed the MathML/Core CDs 
prior to their becoming 'official', I did indeed use several automatic 
tools to verify them (flushing out a number of bugs, including some 
exactly like this one).  However, that process was still very time 
consuming, partly because I wrote some of those tools myself, so that I 
was not able to work on the extra-MathML ones at that point.

> Disappointing. 

Yes and no. If this was *official* CDs, I would agree whole-heartedly, 
but as it is, though it would be nice to have an XML verifier go over 
the CDs whenever they are being put up on the CD web site, in principle 
it is up to the people publishing CDs to pick up the OpenMath CD DTD and 
run their stuff through a standard XML verifier first.

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