[om] MathML draft Notes available for review

Professor James Davenport jhd at cs.bath.ac.uk
Thu Jul 31 14:51:06 CEST 2003

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003 sal at dcs.st-and.ac.uk wrote:
> Most non-metric units are thankfully defined in terms of metric ones these 
> days (although I'm not sure who does this defining). Hopefully we could define
Indeed so. The W3C note is actually quite helpful. 
> <oms symbol="imperial-pint" cd="units"> 
It's actually
<oms name="pint" cd="units_imperial"/>
>  by reference to a specific, dated, document that defines the imperial pint to 
> be a specific number of litres.
Indeed so.
> Using this to its full exactness might require phrasebooks to, for instance, 
> notice that a unit came from an old standard and apply a conversion factor (1 
> + epsilon, for pretty small epsilon) before using it.
> There is a design question about whether we want to make a "default" choice of 
> pint, ounce, and so on, which people will sometimes get wrong, or insist on 
> people specifying "US dry pint" or "Troy ounce" every time, which will annoy 
> people.
Hence units_imperial and units_us: a good use fo the CD system. 
> Can one pose the riddle about a pound of feathers and a pound of Gold in 
> OpenMath?
Not until I have got round to defining troy_ounce.
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