[om] Re: question about encoding 5*I in openMath.

Clare So clare at dimsum.scl.csd.uwo.ca
Fri Nov 14 18:50:45 CET 2003

Dear Jack,

As described in the "complex1" CD, "complex_cartesian" takes two arguments.
I believe that your second encoding is the correct one since this
encoding means 0+(5*I).  OpenMath is strict in how many arguments does
each OMS accept.


* Zheng Wang <zwang at scl.csd.uwo.ca> [2003-11-14 10:10]:
>  I came up with two ways of encoding a*I in openMath, both are clear and 
>  correct to me, but I would like to know which one is standard.
>  ---------
>  First encoding:
>    <OMA>
>      <OMS cd = 'complex1' name = 'complex_cartesian'/>
>      <OMI>5</OMI>
>    </OMA>
>  ---------
>  Second encoding
>    <OMA>
>      <OMS cd = 'complex1' name = 'complex_cartesian'/>
>      <OMI>0</OMI>
>      <OMI>5</OMI>
>    </OMA> 
>  First one with <OMI>0</OMI>, second one without.
>  Thanks for the help.
>  -- 
>  Best regards
>  (Jack)Zheng Wang
>  Tel:519-635-6678
>  Email:z3wang at uwaterloo.ca; zwang at orcca.on.ca
>  Combinatorics & Optimization and Computer Science
>  Co-op Program  Faculty: Math
>  University of Waterloo
>  Canada
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