[om] OMBIND misunderstanding

Ramon Eixarch ramon at mathsformore.com
Fri Dec 24 15:19:00 CET 2004

Hello everybody,

we are working an OpenMath Editor and we need some help to solve a  
contradiction between OpenMath 2.0 Standard Document (June 2004) and the  
associated Schema (RNG/RNC/XSD/DTD) in relation with OMBIND.

Basically the problem is to know whether OMBIND has to include OMBVAR with  
at least one variables inside or not.

In the OpenMath 2.0 Standard Document, talking about Bindings (Section  
2.2), you can read:

"It is allowed to have no bound variables, but the binder object and the  
body should be present."

However, in the Schema the OMBVAR, which is the object including the  
variables, requires to have ONE OR MORE objects omvar.

Which is the correct version? Does a OMBIND require to have binded  
variable sor not?

Best regards,
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